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2005 Jeep Liberty: 4wd, automatic transmission..trans..light comes

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2005 Jeep Liberty 4wd, automatic transmission. I'm getting code PO700, and PO750, which states shift solenoid "A". The trans idiot light comes on, and transmission goes into limp mode, or only stays in one gear, I believe it's second gear. It will go revers and park, but if the selector is in D, the trans does not shift. I can clear the code, and it might drive fine for a day, or 150 miles of freeway driving, or it might go back to limp mode leaving the driveway. I have replaced the solenoid pack assembly with a new one from the dealer, and it does the same thing. What's next?


Give me a minute to research your case

how was the condition of your trans fluid? And also I dont see a stated mileage?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
fluid seemed fine, purple in color, not burnt, had about 20-30k on fluid. This is second trans in this vehicle. First one literally locked up... 140k on the vehicle. About 80k on this (current) trans.
9 times out of ten it is the valve body in this situation. You have to look real careful at the wiring to the valve body. I have seen burnt connectors. More rare the computer can cause this. Make sure you are doing a hard reset and disconnecting the battery to get her out of limp mode. So the valve bodies new, you need to inspect wiring real well, and then I would suspect computer.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The valve body is not new. The solenoid pack assembly is new. I didn't notice any bad connectors when I was inside the trans to replace the solenoid pack. So far the speed sensors check ok, have a proper ohm reading, and voltage increase as I wave a metal rod around the sensor. These seem good. Trans has never gotten hot, nor the engine.
If your sure your valve body is good and wiring is good, then replace the TCM, which is part of the ECM. I use these guys for my shop and just have mine rebuilt. you can find a used one but it may not run right without being programed to your car.
Just as a follow up. the p0750 is a "circuit" failure. So it has to be either the solenoid or the wiring. If all that is testing good then TCM is at fault.
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