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2007 grand cherokee laredo: drives..control module..shifter..Jeep

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My daughter-in-law drives a 2007 grand cherokee loredo and was told the shift control module/shifter assem. needs replaced to the tune of $880. where is this item located and is it a part that can be obtained from someone other than Jeep, ie a junkyard or after market.

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Is it the Electronic Shifter Module that needs to be replaced? Are they wanting o replace the whole shifter assembly and not just the module?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

not exactly sure

at times the car loses power while accelerating. will not get up to speed.

The ESM or TCM would cause transmission shifting problems. Is it having problems shifting? Do you know what fault codes are setting?

Which engine is in it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

not sure of codes the only number on her reciept is 416 not sure if this is a trouble code.

i think it is a 3.7

I'm not sure what the 416 is - it's not a fault code.

If she has a receipt does it show the exact part names or part numbers of what needs to be replaced?

Fault codes start with a letter and have four numbers, such as P0700 or U0404. Do you see anything like this printed on the receipt?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

it states that the shift control module needs replaced

i do not have the paper in front of me unfortunately

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i found out the code is U0404

than ran shift module test and found it to be defective

no part numbers but says they ordered shift control module/shifter assembly

I'm going to have to speculate at what the problem is without having exact information.

It sounds to me like the electronic shifter module (ESM) is probably the problem. A bad ESM would cause shifting concerns, usually with a P0700 and U0404 set because the ESM had given the TCM some data. Unless the rest of the shifter is damaged then the entire shifter wouldn't need to be replaced, just the ESM/upper shifter bezel. The part itself would run $202-$244 for the part depending on exact equipment.

If you wanted to replace it with a used one then you could if yo u could find one. You could replace just the ESM/bezel, but junkyards would most likely sell it as a shifter assembly. You would need to make sure it came from a Jeep with a 3.7, since the 3.7 is the only one that uses this module.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
did you get the info on the U0404 code before your last reply?
No I didn't, but I see it now. U0404 is exactly what I assumed was set, so with this new information the same answer stands. The ESM is the only thing I have seen set a U0404 and should take care of her problem. Unless there is something else physically wrong with the shifter assembly then the whole shifter wouldn't need to be replaced, just the ESM/upper bezel, with the prices that I mentioned.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

so this ESM/bezel is located on the transmission tunnel and the bezel itself is what has the PRNDL on it?

i read a tech bulliten that mentions trimming part of the bezel to help solve shifting problems. would the diagrams included in the bulletin help me do this repair?

like the airplane icon, i had a friend who had a P-51

Correct. The ESM/upper bezel is the very top of the shifter. It's not hard to replace. The TSB you saw for trimming the plastic underneath should have pictures that will help you replace the module. Basically you will remove the shifter knob, remove the trim ring around the shifter and can then remove the screws holding the ESM/bezel and remove it. There will be one electrical connector.

I've always wished I've had a friend that owned a Mustang!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

sorry to be a pain but i keep having another question after i reply.

is the ESM available aftermarket or from Jeep only, and is the price you qouted Jeep's price range? sounds like $880 is quite a cost increase.

The ESM isn't very likely you'll find aftermarket. I've never attempted to find one, but I don't think it's something the aftermarket would build since it's a module. You could try to find one at a local parts store but might not have any luck.

The prices I gave were Mopar parts through a dealer's parts department. That's for the ESM/bezel. I'm not sure where the $880 comes from or what else may be included in that - it sounds high even if the entire shifter was being replaced.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks so much for your help, you may have just saved a young family about $600
You're welcome! If I have been helpful clicking the Accept button will give me credit for helping you this evening. I wish them luck and do hope they can save that $600!
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