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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee: traction control and eps..lights

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 3 lights are on continuously, abs, traction control and eps/bas - code came up with right rear wheel sensor - this was replace and problem not fixed. Next abs module was replaced and still not fixed. Just before the lights came on 4 new tires were installed, not sure if this has anything to do with it, also the wires were checked. thank you for your help
hello, the steering angle sensor needs to be recalibrated -- this will need to be done by the dealer == what we have going on now -- are false readings causing the activation of these lights
Category: Jeep
Satisfied Customers: 6277
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX opinion was this caused by changing the tires?

yes-- when lifting suspension


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is this a common problem and if it is hard to detect the solution?
not a common problem-- and if any lights are on -- dealer can use the witech scanner to diagnose and know exactly what is going on
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok-- just to clarify, if the steering angle sensor needs to be recalibrated --- the dealer code reader will come up as right rear wheel sensor thank you   

If you steering angle sesnor was out of calibration you would get a Steering angle sensor performace code that would set in your ABS module as well as you Steering Column Module. Most likely you tone wheel was damage in some way and you will need to replace the right rear axle shaft as it is part of the shaft. Putting new tires on never changes the steering angle sensor as you have not changes anything steering or alignment angles.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi, I have 3 lights on abs, traction control and esp/bas - dealer code reader came up with right rear wheel sensor --- dealer replaced the right rear wheel sensor and not fixed, then replaced the abs module and problem still not fixed ---- 4 new tires where put on and then the lights had came on <br /><br />--- please explain again what the dealer has to do as they cannot find the solution the vehicle is a 2007 jeep grand cherokee<br />thank you
They will need to remove the right rear brake caliper and rotor and inspect the tone wheel, which is what the sensor reads, on the axle for any damage or contamination build up. If its just dirty it can be cleaned. But if it has the slightest dent or bend in it, it will need to be replaced and is only service with the whole axle shaft. Putting tires on a vehicle will never cause a the steering angle sensor to get out of calibration. If that was true then everyone would have to have their tires put on at a dealer and that isnt so. Also if that were true as your tires would wear down you would have to have it re calibrated as well.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you so much --- one last question--- would this be caused when the tires were changed?
Most likely not. But it is possible so type of small pebble got into there and caused it. Even excessive brake dust build up on the tone wheel can cause this. Thats why they need to inspect this first to make sure it just isnt dirty and need to be cleaned off