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Jeep Liberty Limited Malfunction indicator light came on.

Customer Question

Malfunction indicator light came on---looks like an engine. (solid --not blinking) tried the gas cap trick---- still on. seemed to drive fine for about 20 minutes then a whinning noise from the passenger side of the engine---- happens when you push the gas. not horribly loud but their. then all the sudden the jeep stopped accerating and i had to pull over. i then waited 2 minutes ventured back out on the road ---got home went up my drive way----pushing gas peddle but jeep stopped and started going backwards with engine reving. stopped put it in park then put it down in D1 and then got up the drive way fine and into the garage! It starts up fine and idles fine. can you help or give me guidance on what it could be.   It is a 2004 jeep liberty limited 4x4 with 95000 miles on it. Only major repair done was water pump and battery in may of 2010.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Dave replied 6 years ago.

Dave :

Hi, the indicator you are talking about is the check engine light. It comes on when one of several systems has a malfunction and has set a trouble code in one of the computers. The first thing you need to do is drive to your local auto parts store, most of them will check your system for trouble codes and tell you what they are. Make sure you get the complete number of the code such as P0116 or P2118 etc. Once you have the codes come back and post the results here for me. Then we will know what system to look at. With your discription it first sounded like the altenator bearing going out but then when it stopped accelerating it sounds like the throttle body assembly but the way it acted in the driveway sounds like a trany issue. So we do not want to take guesses at it. Thus the need for the codes so we go in the correct direction from the start.

Customer :

Sorry, i have not gotten back to you but after i wrote you i took it to my mechanic that next morning and on the way their it slipped out of gear and was then towed to a transmission shop. just waiting for them to tell me what is wrong. However i do like the site and will use it (god forbid i need to) in the future is something else comes up. I will also tell my family and friends about the site and how helpfule you were.