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1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic: radiator..cooling fan..relays and ECM.

Customer Question

My 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0 is coding P1491 and P0705. AC compressor and radiator cooling fan are not working. Have replaced relays and ECM. SCodes still will not clear. Keep hearing about another switch that controls ac and fan motor but can't find it . HAve looked behind drivers side headlaight and fender well and can't locate this last switch. please help.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  ND-TECH replied 6 years ago.

NicholasD. :

Ok well the relay you are looking for is located under the passenger side head lamp assembly. But the thing is, is that ther is a shield above. There are two ways to get to it. You can either removed the passenger side headlamp assembly and cut a hole in the plastic panel below it or you remove the front bumper which is the way you are suppose to access it. Pleaase let me know if you have any further questions


Have taken off and still cannot find. We are chasing down wiring again now. Is there any chance it is between the radiator and the fan? That was the suggestion from the parts guy at auto Zone. The jeep is pretty well dismantled at this point. What's a few more parts off? Does it make a difference the mfg date is 10/1998? If you have a diagram it would be helpful. This part is in the craziest place imaginable.

Expert:  ND-TECH replied 6 years ago.
I am sorry i thought it was a grand cherokee you had that is my fault. The only fan relay for the Cherokee is in the PDC there is no secondary one. Your p0705 is a transmission code for Check Shifter Signal and the p1491 is for Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit. Since you have replaced the PCM on this vehicle already and the relays in the PDC then i would lean towards the wiring i have attached a diagram of the wiring for you. Also check fuse 10 in your PDC as this is the power feed for you radiator relay and a/c compressor clutch relay.graphicgraphic