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1976 Jeep CJ7: automatic transmission..driving home..coil..sputtered

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My 1976 Jeep CJ7 with 304 engine TH400 automatic transmission died on me today whil driving home. I replaced the coil but I it has sputtered and died several times since. It shows good charge on the voltometer and it turns over normal but doesn't get any fire. I have had to pull over several times today to restart which sometimes takes several minutes of turning the key and engaging the ignition and the off. It eventually starts up but its a crap shoot if it will stay running or not.

Hello and welcome to just answer. This model of Jeep used the Ford Motocraft electronic ignition module, and I have seen these modules fail and cause this stalling/dieing problem. Usually replacing the module will take care of this. So I would start there. There may also be a recall on your Jeep that may be related to your problem. here is a link to that information. This may apply to your Jeep, but check with the Jeep dealer first. Hope this helps,






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