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I need to replace the crankshaft position sensor on a 2003

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I need to replace the crankshaft position sensor on a 2003 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 6 cylinder 4.0L, and I would like some advice getting to it. I believe I located it from underneath. Driver's side, 2/3's of the way up the bell-housing and inserted about an inch. It was the only thing I could find under there that matched what I have, but I cannot get to it. Am I looking at the right thing? Can I get a picture of where it SHOULD be? If so, how in the world do I get to it?



The Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) is mounted to the transmission bellhousing at the left/rear side of the engine block


Click image to see an enlarged view



New replacement sensors will be equipped with a paper spacer glued to bottom of sensor. If installing (returning) a used sensor to vehicle, a new paper spacer must be installed to bottom of sensor. This spacer will be ground off the first time engine is started. If spacer is not used, sensor will be broken the first time engine is started.

New Sensors: Be sure paper spacer is installed to bottom of sensor. If not, obtain spacer PN05252229.

Used Sensors: Clean bottom of sensor and install spacer PN05252229.

  1. Install sensor into transmission bellhousing hole.
  2. Position sensor wire shield to sensor.
  3. Push sensor against flywheel/drive plate. With sensor pushed against flywheel/drive plate, tighten mounting bolt to 7 Nm (60 inch lbs.) torque.
  4. Route sensor wiring harness into wire shield.
  5. Connect sensor pigtail harness electrical connector to main wiring harness.


I have found either going from the top and reaching down to get to the sensor, or removing the left tire and going thru the wheel opening the 2 best methods for replacing the sensor. You will want to use a socket and ratchet to remove the bolt, not a wrench. Also, when pulling out the old sensor, use a gentle twisting motion as you are pullling upward on the sensor. Pulling straight up on sensor can cause old sensor to break off in the hole in the bellhousing.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have the new part, and I am just verifying that this applies to the 2003 model, as I could not see how to get to it with even the left tire removed (I have not removed it, but it appears the firewall and inner fender wall are in the way). If you believe I can get to it, even on this model, with the tire removed. I will give it a shot. I have a full tool set, minus, swivel extensions.



Remove the tire and remove the inner splash shield to reach thru. You are doing blind with this method, but I am used to removing bolts by feel alone.


Like I said, the next easiest way is from the top. You either have to lean over the fender to reach it, or if not tall enough or long enough arms then actually climb up and sit on the inner fender to reach it.


From underneath with a 18" extension and swivel you can reach the bolt, but wont be able to pull the sensor out.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I will attempt to remove it from the left wheel well. One last question, and I will approve the answer. It appeared that the wiring harness led over to the passenger side approximately 10 inches. Is this the correct harness I am tracing?



Yes, that is the one for the crank sensor