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1986 cj7: previous owner..only thing left..someone bypass this..hei

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I want to remove my 1986 CJ7 ECU, the previous owner had removed all the computer control stuff, the only thing left that I can find is the ignition that is still controlled by the ECU but it looks as though someone bypass this. I am going to a HEI change over and wanted to know could totally remove the ecu and all those conn and wires or does have control of the gauages and that sort of stuff. Can someone let me know there thoughts on this if it could be done or do I need to leave it for some reason I don't know about.
The only thing the computer controls on your CJ is ignition timing, and carburetor fuel mixture. As long as you are using a different ignition system and carburetor then you can remove the computer and related wiring and components. Make sure that you save all the original parts. You may have to reinstall them some day if your local jurisdiction starts doing smog checks.
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