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94 wrangler: 4cyl..serpentine belt..tensioner..power steering pump

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I have a 94 Wrangler 4cyl. Need to remove serpentine belt. I see tensioner under power steering pump. I loosened what I thought was the pivot bolt for PS pump, and lock bolt for same. I turned tensioner bolt approx 1" of travel with no change in belt tension.
Which way to turn to lessen tension? What bolts need to be loosened to allow tensioner to be adjusted?
You have to loosen the two bolts on the back of the power steering pump bracket, and also the upper most bolt on the front of the power steering pump bracket, in addition to the nut you have already loosened, in order to allow the power steering pump to move to allow installation and removal of the belt.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Still do not know which way to turn tensioner to reduce belt tension. Recap, I have two bolts in slots on back of PS pump loosened, and top bolt on front of PS pump loosened (is this the nut you are referring to?).

The two bolts on the back, the one bolt on the front on top, and one NUT in front on the bottom, below the pump need to be loosened. Then you turn the adjuster bolt counter clockwise to loosen. Once the bolt is sufficiently loose, you have to manually move the power steering pump, it will not move on its own. FYI the bolt in back have to be loosened quite a bit before the pump will move, make sure they are loose enough that you can see a gap between the bolts and the power steering pump bracket.
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