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2000 grand cherokee headlight/wiper/taillight fuse went bad

Customer Question

2000 grand cherokee headlight/wiper/taillight fuse went bad - what type of fuse does it take and where is the fuse box located
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Chris replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer Jeep. I have been researching my diagrams for your 2000 Grand Cherokee, and do not see a common fuse that would supply power to the wipers, headlamps, or tail lights. Now there is a # XXXXX 50 amp fuse in the under hood fuse box that supplies power to the head lamp relay circuits, so check that one. However one thing that is common to these 3 items is the Body Control Module (BCM). It is possible that the BCM has failed and is causing the issues you are having. But before we decide that the BCM is the culprit, check ALL of the fuses with a 12 volt test light. There is an inside fuse box located under the driver's side of the dash to the left of the steering column near the left kick panel. There is a black plastic cover that needs to be removed, and then you will see the fuse/junction block. Try to get a 12 volt test light, connect the light's alligator clip to a good metal ground (metal portion of the dash, bolt, etc.) then probe the little metal tab/test points on each fuse. There will be 2 on each fuse. Probe one tab, on each fuse, and then the other. If the light lights on one tab then it should light on the other tab of the same fuse. If you have light on one tab and not the other, then that fuse is bad. Do the same thing on the under hood fuse box by the right side of the engine compartment. Check this and get back to me. If you do not have a 12 volt test light, then purchase one at your auto parts store (under $10.00).

Hope this information helps, and let me know if you need more assistance with this.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This problem must be wire related. I went out to check the fuses and the lights now work. During this problem, the hazard lights did work (that is how I drove home in the dark), and I could hit the high beams, but the lights went off when I release the knob on the steering column. Any other ideas?
Expert:  Chris replied 7 years ago.

Do the wipers work now?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes. The only thing that I can relate to this problem now was about six months ago when I started the Jeep, the radio, the fan/AC did not come on. I turned the engine off and it all came back. I tried this today and did not get the same response. The jeep has about 125K miles on it.
Expert:  Chris replied 7 years ago.

It may be that you have a poor fuse connection, and when you went to check the fuses you disturbed the connection enough to make it work again. If this problem returns, then go back to the fuse box while leaving the headlamps on, and wiggle fuses to see if you can make them come back on again. It may be a corroded/loose fitting fuse connection.

Thank you for the accept, and I will be here for you if you need me again,