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am tying to replace my water pump in my 99 jeep grand cherokkee

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am tying to replace my water pump in my 99 jeep grand cherokkee laredo. is there a web site were i can find a diagram on how this all goes together

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be more than happy to assist you.


Here are the instructions and diagrams to replace the water pump. If you have any questions please let me know.



CAUTION: If the water pump is replaced because of mechanical damage, the fan blades and viscous fan drive should also be inspected. These components could have been damaged due to excessive vibration.


The water pump can be removed without discharging the air conditioning system (if equipped)

The water pump impeller is pressed on the rear of the pump shaft and bearing assembly. The water pump is serviced only as a complete assembly.


DO NOT WASTE reusable coolant. If the solution is clean, drain coolant into a clean container for reuse.

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable at battery.
  2. Drain the cooling system.
  3. The thermal viscous fan drive is attached (threaded) to the water pump hub shaft. Remove fan/viscous fan drive assembly from water pump by turning mounting nut counterclockwise as viewed from front. Threads on viscous fan drive are RIGHT HAND Do not attempt to remove fan/viscous fan drive assembly from vehicle at this time.
  4. If water pump is being replaced, do not unbolt fan blade assembly from thermal viscous fan drive.
  5. Remove fan shroud-to-radiator nuts Fan Shroud Mounting Do not attempt to remove fan shroud at this time
  6. Remove fan shroud and fan blade/viscous fan drive assembly from vehicle as a complete unit.
  7. After removing fan blade/viscous fan drive assembly, do not place thermal viscous fan drive in horizontal position. If stored horizontally, silicone fluid in viscous fan drive could drain into its bearing assembly and contaminate lubricant.

    The drive belt is equipped with a spring loaded automatic belt tensioner. Relax tension from belt by rotating tensioner clockwise (as viewed from front) When all belt tension has been relaxed, remove accessory drive belt.

  8. Remove the idler pulley (located over the water pump) Remove lower radiator hose from water pump. Remove heater hose from water pump fitting.
  9. Remove the five pump mounting bolts and remove pump from vehicle. Discard old gasket. Note that one of the five bolts is longer than the other bolts
  10. If pump is to be replaced, the heater hose fitting must be removed. Note position of fitting before removal.


  1. If pump is being replaced, install the heater hose fitting to the pump. Use a sealant on the fitting such as Mopar(TM) Thread Sealant With Teflon. Refer to the directions on the package.
  2. Clean the gasket mating surfaces. If the original pump is used, remove any deposits or other foreign material. Inspect the cylinder block and water pump mating surfaces for erosion or damage from cavitation.
  3. Install the gasket and water pump. The silicone bead on the gasket should be facing the water pump. Also, the gasket is installed dry. Tighten mounting bolts to 30 N·m (22 ft. lbs.) torque. Rotate the shaft by hand to be sure it turns freely.
  4. Connect the radiator and heater hoses to the water pump.
  5. Position water pump pulley to water pump hub.
  6. If equipped with a water pump mounted fan, install fan and four nuts to water pump hub. If not equipped with a water pump mounted fan, install four pump hub bolts. Tighten bolts (or nuts) to 27 N·m (20 ft. lbs.) torque.
  7. Install power steering pump

    CAUTION: When installing the serpentine engine accessory drive belt, the belt MUST be routed correctly. If not, the engine may overheat due to the water pump rotating in the wrong direction. Refer to the Belt Removal and Installtion in this group for appropriate belt routing. You may also refer to the Belt Routing Label in the vehicle engine compartment.

  8. Adjust accessory drive belt, refer to Accessory Drive Belt removal and installation in this group.
  9. Fill cooling system with coolant and check for leaks. Refer to Refilling Cooling System in this group.
  10. Connect battery cable to battery.
  11. Start and warm the engine. Check for leaks.
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