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2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport: 4.0 engine..piston..lack of lubrication

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I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a 4.0 engine. Number 1 piston skirt broke off. Is this likely to lack of lubrication or poor oil condition? What else might cause this condition?

The real question is will the short block from a 1985 American Eagle with a 242 (4.0?) fit the 2000 Jeep with a 4.0. I know the head will need to be changed but will everything else be the same except of course things that can be unbolted from old engine and used like engine mounts and assorted brackets.
Hello, Your Majical Words Would Be, What Id Trouble May as Well Laugh it Off.......Have you considered a Short Block / Assembly ?.......Thanks Joey
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes I unfortunately am on disabilty due to cystic fibrosis so that is not an option. What I was EXPECTING to find on the 4.0 that is in the jeep now was a rod or main bearing so I was able to purchase those and a oil pump rebuild kit and was going to approach it that way. If I had the funds that would be exactly what I would do but unfortunately I don't and my wife is currently driving MY car. I just need to know whether to pull this engine out using my neighbors bobcat or buy one from a junkyard I have dealt with for twenty years and "freshen up the bottom end"?
Hi, I to AM on Disabilty as Well........Broke My Neck in a Race Car in Atl.Ga.........Anyway.......Id Take That Engine & See If you Can Rebuild it......Don t Go Backwards 15yrs......Most of the time You Can Just Build Yours.......
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

So when the skirt came apart you don't feel that it damaged any major components in the engine? Is the skirt visible at any point in the rotation of the crank where the remaining skirts could be inspected or are they as likely to fail now as this one?

If I hone out the cylinders assuming they are not scored or out of round should I replace all the pistons or do you think that the others would be fine? Obviously I can pull the bearings and look for scuffs on the crank. If I remember correctly the bearing material is softer that the crank so that it does not score the crank and so it is possible to have some wear on the engine without damaging the crank. Is that correct? I have a set of Mituyo Micrometers and can check the journals of the crank to see if they are still within range.


However if the block is damaged will the 1985 block interchange that is my only question because if the block is damaged and it will not interchange then we will have to delay this project indefinitely due to funding.

Ok, Just Take the Engine Apart.......As you Know the Skirt is Alluminum.......You Should be Able to Hone The Cylinder Out With Very Little Issues........A Skirt on a Piston that Breaks is Just Plain Bad Luck.......Id Replace That one & Just Inspect the other ones & Reuse Them If no Signs of Cracks Are Present........Your Crank Shaft Should Be Just FiNE.......Many Parts Centers Have Loaner Tools For FREE>>>>
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