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95 Jeep Wrangler: I put in the clutch fluid

Resolved Question:

Where do I put in the clutch fluid in the 95 Jeep Wrangler? I need a picture or a drawing.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



The 94-95 wranglers from the factory are sealed units with no where to add fluid:


1994-95 Models

The clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and connecting line are sealed units and are prefilled with fluid at the factory.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm confused then. My clutch goes all the way to the floor at stoplights etc. and used to to work after I pumped it a number of times. Over time it got progressively worse. Now it won't let me put it in gear. I asked and was told by several people to put more clutch fluid in. I bought clutch fluid and am now concerned I may have put some of it in the wrong receptacle :( (it wasnt the coolant receptible) Do you have a picture of the engine that shows the various parts. And short of taking my vehicle to a mechanic (really can't afford to do that right now) do you what else can I do?
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



What you are describing is that you have hydraulic failure in the clutch system. Either the clutch master cylinder is bad or the clutch slave cylinder is faulty. This is a sealed unit from the factory, so the only reason your clutch pedal would lose resistance(having to pump it up) is due to a failure of one of the two components I mentioned.


I dont have a photo of the whole engine compartment. Is below where you added the fluid? if not, please describe where the container is located in the engine compartment and what it looks like(plastic, metal, round, square) that you put the fluid into


Click image to see an enlarged view



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My jeep is at home. I can't really see the picture (even after I blew it up) But the cap was round and black (the container had a black fluid in it) There was writing on the cap. So will clear clutch fluid damage component I apparenty shouldn't have poured it into? That said tho' looks like only a mechanic can fix it, right? How expensive is that? Thanks much for your help. I am trying desperately to save my Wrangler. My 7 year old son really doesn't want to give him up (he gets to ride in the front seat :))
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



It sounds like you may have put in the power steering resevoir. If you have cranked it, you can remove the power steering fluid line at the resevoir and drain it and you will be fine.






Book labor calls for 1.3 hours. Labor rates vary from $80-120 per hour depending on what a shop decides it needs to meet its over head.


So, figure on the low side, $104 labor and on the high side, $156 labor. Parts run $200


So total, $305 to $356 parts and labor:


1995 Jeep Truck Wrangler L6-242 4.0L VIN S MFI

PartOEM PartPrice
Clutch Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder52104113$197.00
94-00 Includes: Master & Slave Cylinder, Hydraulic Lines.
Clutch Master Cylinder
Master and Slave AssemblyB0.91.3

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Actually, took the car to a mechanic and there is a clutch fluid resevoir on my 95 Jeep Wranger. Slave cylinder was the problem. Thanks for your help.