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How to open hood from exterior 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Hood latch

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How to open hood from exterior? 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Hood latch cable end most likely came loose at latch. I can hear cable moving at grill when pulluing from cab. I can see secondary safety latch and have removed plastic grill for access. I do not have room between radiator fan shoud and front of engine to reach from under Jeep to hood latch. Any ideas on how to open hood?

hi i'm bill

you need to remove BOTH headlights and the buckets they are in once you do there are 2 bolts 1 in front the other just above you must look carefully to see the upper one and may need a mirror, remove these 2 bolts and the hood will be relaesed these bolts hold the 2 latch mounts to the radiator support and are there for the purpose of getting the hood open if the cable breaks

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Greetings Bill, in my mind, I see what you mean. My question is, with the hood latch being in the center of the hood, once the two bolts are removed from behind the headlight buckets... is the latch AND whatever the latch is attached to...going to "ride" up with the hood when opened? I do know there are springs near the headlights, that "help" the hood "pop-up" when the latch is opened. So, will the spring tension be relieved as the bolts are removed? Thank you for you time and thoughts.
there are 2 latches 1 on the left 1 on the right the cable just runs to teh center elease and pulls the 2 latches at the same time. yes both pins will come up and you will be able to release the center latch. just remember to lube the center release on the hood so you don't break a second cable, i have to open a hood at least 2 times a year this way and it works, I got this opening procedure from an old time body man in my shop years ago
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