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Stonyman, Ase Certified Master
Category: Jeep
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Experience:  Certified Ase Master, 23 years exp. Pa state and emissions lic. Specializing in Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
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A 2000 Jeep Cherokeee,the heater blows cool to warm air sometimes.

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A 2000 Jeep Cherokeee,the heater blows cool to warm air sometimes.
Hi. It sounds like a clogged heater core prolem. Do the hoses get hot going in to the core at the firewall? These were good for that. You may want to flush it a few times with warm water, and see if it gets better. The worst case is that you need to replace the heater core.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have flushed out the heater core and both of the lines leaving the core are hot to the touch.How do I check the control knob that adjust the heat and a/c temperture in the car?

If proper coolant flow through the cooling system is verified, and heater outlet air temperature is still low, a mechanical problem may exist.

MECHANICAL PROBLEMS Possible locations or causes of insufficient heat:

  • An obstructed cowl air intake.
  • Obstructed heater system outlets.
  • A blend-air door not functioning properly.


If the heater outlet air temperature cannot be adjusted with the temperature control knob on the heater-A/C control panel, the following could require service:

  • The heater-A/C control.
  • The temperature control motor.
  • The blend-air door.
  • Improper engine coolant temperature.

The mode doors are vacumm controlled, but the blend air door(temp) is electrically operated. You may have a bad motor or broken door. If you remove the motor and try to operate the door while the vehicle is running and see if there is any change.