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Emergency brake..brake cable..the coil spring on the hand lever

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I have just replaced the emergency brake cable in the WJ, But I don't know how to reset the coil spring on the hand lever... if you could forward instructions or a picture of how the assembly should look that would be appreciated Wayne

Hello, Heres some info, I may need to post in sections .

  • Place a screw driver through the front cable eyelet Front Cable Eyelet and pry back on the front cable
  • Have an assistant pry down the lock out spring through the hole in the side of the park brake lever Lock Out Spring with a small screw driver. Then slowly release the front cable

    NOTE: Their should be slack in the cable if the lock out spring is engaged

  • Disengage front cable end from the equalizer Cable Equalizer
  • Disengage front cable end from the parking brake lever.
  • Remove the front carpet, Refer toBody.
  • Remove front cable retainer nuts Front Parking Brake Cable from the floor pan
  • Compress the cable retainers with a 13 mm wrench Brake Lever Bracket Remove the cable from parking brake lever bracket and equalizer bracket
  • Heres the pics,




  • Install cable into the parking brake lever bracket and equalizer bracket.
  • Install front cable to the floor pan and install retainer nuts.
  • Engage front cable ends to the parking brake lever and equalizer.
  • Install the front carpet, Refer toBody.
  • Pull on the lever to release the lock out spring.
  • Install center console, Refer toBody.
  • Fold down the rear carpet cover and rear seat.
  • I hope this info helps. Please reply if you need more info. or if I am wrong in my pics. Thanks Scott.
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    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Hi Scott, I have just replaced the handbrake cable after the original handbrake cable lug broke off. Can you please tell me the configuration of the spring assembly in more detail?



    Thank you for the accept. I will search for a better picture .You need to reset the automatic adjuster by "winding it up" and holding it in place by moving the lock-out spring.This should allow enough movement to allow the cable to be attached.

    I will look through all the different years for a better pic. Regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Hi Scott, the diagram with the lock out spring is good but can I have more detail on this section. When the lug came off the end of the cable the spring has uncoiled & I need to see the correct set up for the spring (where the spring end attaches to & where the cable lug is located)



    I dont see a better Pic. They are all the same up to 2005. I know it takes two people .

    One to hold the lock out spring and the other to pull the lever up while the front cable is held in place like the picture. Since the cable is not there , You may need to loosen the assy from the body to allow it to be connected to the cable , or clamp vise grip pliers to hold the "spool" while the lock-out spring is held in place and the lever released. Its not easy to do when the cable is not broken, even harder once it is. You can leave this post open , and replay in a day or two if you need more help. I may be able to get a picture from the parts dept with better detail.

    There were no service bulletins with better details. Thanks Scott.


    Edited by Scott on 11/29/2009 at 7:45 AM EST
    If you have a dealer close by , ask them to show you a brake lever assy . That will be set up in the proper position to accept the cable. I know what trouble you are having. I have done a couple of these and they are tough. Monday I can pull one off the shelf and maybe explain in more details if needed.
    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Thanks Scott,

    You have been very helpful, our nearest dealer is 2 hours away, I should have asked while I was there getting the replacement cable... just one more...does the spring hold tension on the cable when the handbrake is off?



    I think it holds a slight amount- it take up the slack because its part of the automatic adjuster, But the slack is taken up mostly during the release of the brake lever. At rest there is little tension on the cable.Wayne, leave this post open if you need to contact me .Regards Scott.