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stop light and my check gauge light came..home, oil level was fine

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While driving home from work and getting off the Interstate I was at the stop light and my check gauge light came on, my oil pressure gauge was at zero. Revved it up in nuetral and pressure came back up. Drove home, oil level was fine. It's a 01 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.7. Started up this morning and started dropping again when at idle, pressure was good while I was driving. Went back home and got my truck. What could be wrong?
You will need to check the vehicle with an external oil pressure gauge to see if it really is loosing pressure or if the oil pressure sending unit is not reading correctly. The sending unit may be bad and giving a false reading and you will need to replace the sending unit. If the oil pressure is really low then you will need to remove the oil pan as you have a weak oil pump or worn bearings and will need to do an inspection to find out which one.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

With an oil pressure sending unit, is this something that I can replace fairly easily? I know I don't feel like tackling the pump. I know I can get one for about $38 at the auto parts store. I'm fairly adept and do most of my own routine maintenance, brakes, struts, shocks, oil, plugs, etc. Any special tools needed to replace? I assume it screws in.


Yes the sending unit is fairly simple to replace. They do make a special socket to replace it with which makes it easier to replace, but is not necessary.


Here is some information on the sending unit.



  1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
  2. Raise vehicle.
  3. Remove front splash shield.

  1. Disconnect oil pressure sender wire (Fig. 96).
  2. Remove the pressure sender (Fig. 96).


  1. Install oil pressure sender.
  2. Connect oil pressure sender wire.
  3. Install front splash shield.
  4. Lower vehicle.
  5. Connect the negative battery cable.
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