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2005 jeep liberty: car wont solenoid clicking , no trying

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2005 jeep liberty. car won't start. no solenoid clicking , no trying to turn over, nothing. thia happened two days ago. battery is 40 days old. lights and panel all work but nothing in the engine!
first time we put a jump on it and started and ran perfectly for two days. wife went out to today same symtoms but a jump did not help. after researching the net and paying for fixya support, I tried their method of reseting the'puter-negative cable off 15 min and still nothing. also said it could be the wireless control module.....where is this car was bought 7 months ago, no warranty
anybody have a clue?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

Can you turn the key ON - OFF - ON - OFF - ON within 5 seconds and watch the digital odometer to see if it displays a fault code. It will be a P followed by 4 numbers and if there are no codes it will say done. Let me know, thanks!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no fault codes show up just the odometer reading

Did you turn the key all the way on to the run position and then off all the way in the sequence I mentioned?


Do you have a digital multimeter?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes and yes

Can you turn the headlights on and measure battery voltage and let me know.


Then pull the starter relay out of the power distribution center and take a short piece of wire and jump terminal 87 to 30 in the PDC. Make sure vehicle is in park. Let me know if the starter cranks.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my voltage meter is at work, so unable to answer that , but the battery is 40 days new with 800 cca. when i jumped the relay ,the starter did turn for a few seconds then nothing. could this be a w,p,b, module problem or egnition problem where all this has to be re synced?
When you jump the relay the starter should keep cranking until you remove the wire, this bypass all computer control and jumps the starter solenoid directly to the battery. It should not stop cranking if you don't remove the wire. Maybe you had a bad connection?? This problem could be a wireless control module but we need a voltmeter to check a few things.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
II will pick one up this morning( should have one at home anyways) and I' try the jump again with smaller wire ( only had 12 gauge speaker handy last night. answer back please so I can fill in the details , thanks for working with me I doo want to get you paid!
When you get a voltmeter I need you to check to see if there is battery voltage at either terminal #86 or 85 when you have someone hold the key in the start position. There should be voltage at one, it doesn't matter which one. Let me know, thanks! Richard
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hey Buddy I went at it this morning, redid the computer reset (discconnected both battery cables) let sit for 15 min. went back out with my expidition, rehooked the battery on the jeep and did your starter bypass. the starter did run like you said. I then seated the relay and put jumpers on the jeep to Expedition, and tried the Jeep, It started (yea!)

so without further ado, my wife and I drove it back to the dealership for service. I sced myself $90 bucks on a tow at this point and was armed with a better knowledge of jeeps

numerous mod's that need to be in sync with the vin and key fobs lengthy disccusion with the service manager got me free diagnostic check and an inexspensive repair of the wireless control mod. I am more that happy with your effort, I saved a bundle, and impressed and appreciate your diligence. thank you Dennis


That's awsome that you were able to get it going!! I am happy it was a cheap fix, that is always a bonus! Thankyou very much, Richard

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks again for your insight. you were very dilegent and would recommend you to anybody needing auto information. You help save me at least a couple of hundred dollars. Just answer should be honored to have an expert of your type hitting these boards in the timely manner you put forth. it's been a pleasure Dennis