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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Driver side power window control does

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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Driver side power window control does not work for driver side windows. Pasanger side ok. Checked all the fuses & switch. Is there a relay. The fuse panel on the passanger side got wet but I do not know what the relay are for.


If the Driver Window is not making any noise or not moving, you need to remove the Driver Door Panel (see below) & test the 2 wires at the Window Motor

The circuit is Reversal Rest at Ground


Ignition Switch On
Window Switch held in Down position:
1 wire will have 12 Volts +
1 wire will have Ground -


Window Switch in Up position:
The wire that had 12 Volts + is now Ground -
The wire that had Ground is now 12 Volts +


If Test does not show as above,
check for Voltage & Ground at Switch
check for broken wire/s in Driver Door / Kick Panel Boot (typical problem)


Here is Jeep procedure to remove Door Panel:


click below






Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I all ready took the door panel off and checked for power & ground to switch. And I verify power to the wires when the drivers window switch is in the up & down position.


Note the Driver switch will not control the rear divers side window as well. But works from the rear switch. The driver switch panel does work the pasanger side window.


The fuse box got wet pasanger side by feet. relays were buzing but all still worked. Now is dry for 30 days. And now window switch does not work.I can not find the spec for the relays.


I understand the problem & you have not said if there is Ground at the Switch or Motor wires.


Not sure if you are refering to the Window Modules or a specific Relay. Jeep does not show Relays for the Windows, just Driver & Passenger Door Modules


click below








Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes there is ground to the switch & the motor.


The info you sent will help me troubleshoot the issue. Odd how the left & right are split.


Can you send me the the layout for the fuse / relay panel pasinger side.


I will accept


Jeep diagrams are not the best....They do not show the wiring of the Relay / Fuse panel on the Passenger side & the list of Relays & Circuit Breakers is not complete.
On one diagram it shows Fuse 11 in the Main Fuse Panel under the Hood powers Circuit Breaker # XXXXX in the Passenger Panel which shows a 30 Amp Breaker, but the Panel shows a 20 Amp Breaker in Diagram..


click below






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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok! I see the relays and agree none come in to play here.


So to get the driver window up I need to apply power to power to pin 1 & grond to pin 2 in the driver door module (or the other way around).


I'm thinking I may have a ground issue to pin 7 I will need to check this again. Issue may be in the power group/full operation switch.


I should be able to get this working now. hopefully with out replacing the door module.




If you need to get the Window up temporarily, unplug the Power Window Motor & apply Ground & fused 12 Volts to the Motor pins


Or 1 & 2 as in diagram, but they should be disconnected to prevent feedback



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks! I have not used the jeep because the window is DOWN!


I think I Accepeted let me know if you did not get the credit


[email protected]



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