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1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo. How do I disable security sys. ?

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1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo. How do I disable security sys. ? It will no longer respond to using the key.
Unfortunately once a system is enabled from new it can't be disabled. When you say it won't respond to the key, do you mean when unlocking the drivers door with the key it won't disarm the alarm? Does it disarm when using the keyless entry transmitter?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I bought this car ( used ) it worked. Then a strange buzzing emitted from speakers, even though there was no radio ? When you disconnect the battery and re-hooked it, the lights would flash and car would not start. I could turn key in BACK door, and it was good. After buzzing started, putting the key in any lock, would not disable the system.
Is your Jeep equiped with a factory secuity system or a jobber? I can tell if you can get me the vin, thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is a '94' not a '95', I mistyped but here is vin 1J4GZ58S2RC282039

Thanks for the vin! You actually can disable the security system on your Jeep I was mistaken it was not till 96 when they came out with a system you could not disable.

Here is how you can permanently disable the security system if you can start the Jeep now. -Start vehicle, let run for 2 minutes and then disconnect the VTSS module and leave running for 2 minutes. Turn vehicle off and leave VTSS module unplugged. Then restart vehicle and PCM will not recognize theft. VTA module is Located in the left rear area of the glove box! Removal of the center bezel, dash pad and right side bezel are required to access it. I hope this helps, Let me know, thanks and good luck!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The lights flash ( like hazzard ) and it will not start. Is it possible to disengage unit in glove box?

You have to be able to start it in order to disable it. Do you have the oem keyless entry transmitter and if you do will it disarm it by hitting the unluck button? Let me know and I will get back to you in a couple hours, I have to take off for a bit. Thanks!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do not have. I am going to fiddle with it some more. Talk again in a few hours. I am prepared to give you more, if we fix this. Jim Shipley

Have you tried disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds then hook it back up and try to unlock the drivers door or liftgate with the key to see if the lights stop flashing. I am sure you have!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Many times. When I do, the hazzard lights flash and none of the locks will shut it off. I am going out for a while, will respond when I return. Jim Shipley

Thanks! I'll talk to you later!

Could you turn the key on and disconnect the battery for a couple seconds then connect and see if that helps. Once the VTSS module senses a trigger signal it sends a signal over the ccd bus to the PCM to not allow it to start until the problem goes away. I am not sure what has triggered the system but I would guess it is an internal problem within the VTSS module. If you can locate the module try to ground the Violet/Yellow wire going into the module to see if that disarms it. This would be bypassing all the key cyl switches. This is how the system disarms by providing a ground to that wire. I sure hope that does it then we can disable the system with the Jeep running. Let me know, thanks! Richard
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will try. If it works, just let me know how much more you want. Otherwise you have my good faith deposit.

I will try to help you until you are satisfied and what ever you pay is up to you!! Let me know, thanks!

Richard and other Jeep Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It worked!!!!!