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98 Grand Cherokee limited: 4wd shift reads 2hi, N, and 4 lo.

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I am looking at a 98 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 with quadamatic. The 4wd shift reads "2hi, N, and 4 lo." What does this mean? it is stuck in 2hi. Thanks

This vehicle is always in four wheel drive. The shift indicates what position the transfer case is in 2hi is for normal driving and 4lo would be in a slow speed situation like off road or pulling at a low speed. The N means neutral with the transfer case in neutral the wheels wont spin.


I will attach some information on the transfer case. If you still need help just reply, if not click ACCEPT when we are done.






NV249 Transfer Case

The NV249 is an on-demand 4-wheel drive transfer case with two operating ranges and a neutral position.
Operating ranges are 4-high and 4-low. The 4-low range is used for extra pulling power in off-road situations.
Engine torque is distributed to the front and rear axles through a viscous coupling. Nearly all the available engine torque is directed to the rear wheels during normal driving situations. When slippery conditions are encountered, the variable viscous directs torque to the front wheels as necessary. The NV249 low range is provided by a gear reduction system for increased low speed, off-road torque capability. This range is designed for temporary use only.
Transfer case operating ranges are selected with a floor mounted shift lever. The shift lever is connected to the transfer case range lever by an adjustable linkage rod. Range positions are marked on the shifter bezel plate.

Transfer Case I.D. Tag

A circular I.D. tag is attached to the rear case of each NV249 transfer case. The tag provides the transfer case model number, assembly number, serial number and low range ratio.
The transfer case serial number also represents the date of build.

Mopar (R) Dexron II, or ATF Plus are the only lubricants recommended for the NV249 transfer case. Approximate fluid refill capacity is approximately 1.18 liters (2.50 pints).
The fill and drain plugs are both in the rear case. Correct fill level is to the bottom edge of the fill plug hole. Be sure that the vehicle is level to ensure an accurate fluid level check


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks. Just what I needed.

Your welcome.