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2002 Liberty tailgate glass wont latch

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2002 Liberty tailgate glass won't latch

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

Body - Flip Up Glass Won't Latch in the Closed Position

NUMBER: 23-011-01


DATE: Jun. 15, 2001

IOD Fuse Not Installed Or A Low Battery May Prevent Closure Of Flip-Up Glass OVERVIEW:
This bulletin involves a discussion on how to move the flip-up glass latch mechanism to the open (unlatched) position when the battery is low or the IOD fuse is not in its circuit. MODELS:
2002 (KJ) Liberty


A possible condition may exist if the swing gate is opened when either the IOD fuse is not installed in its circuit or when the vehicle battery is low. If either condition exists, the flip-up glass latch mechanism will remain in the closed (latched) position when the swing gate is opened. There is no mechanical linkage between the swing gate latch mechanism and the flip-up glass latch mechanism. The release of the flip-up glass latch is electrically controlled by the Body Control Module.

With no electrical power to the flip-up glass latch, and as the swing gate is opened, the striker on the flip-up glass is able to roll out of the latch while the latch is still closed (latched). This is allowed to prevent possible damage to the flip-up glass and/or latch.

The above condition may cause a concern when the vehicle operator wants to close the flip-up glass. The flip-up glass striker will not engage the latch because the flip-up glass latch mechanism is already in its closed (latched) position.

To move the flip-up glass latch mechanism to its open (unlatched) position, the latch must be either electrically powered or a release lever in the latch mechanism must be manually tripped.

TO OPEN THE FLIP-UP GLASS ELECTRICALLY: Install the IOD fuse into its circuit and unlock the vehicle. The flip-up glass latch can be opened (unlatched) by pulling on the swing gate handle, by turning the key to the left in the swing gate lock, or with the RKE (remote keyless entry) fob. Another option is to turn the ignition key to the ON position (with the IOD fuse not in circuit) and then pull on the swing gate handle.

If the reason for the flip-up glass latch not opening (unlatching) is due to low battery voltage, then the cause of the problem must be determined and corrected. If the battery is discharged it should be charged until it is at its proper operating voltage.


TO OPEN THE FLIP-UP GLASS LATCH MANUALLY: A gold color release lever in the latch mechanism can be tripped manually. The interior swing gate trim panel must first be held out of the way In normal operation, a black color pawl depresses the release lever. The pawl is attached to the electrically operated latch servo. The pawl and the release lever can be viewed from the left side of the latch mechanism (Fig. 1). To open the latch, use a finger or screwdriver to depress (push down on) the release lever. Install the interior trim.

If the flip-up glass fails to close properly once the latch mechanism is in its open (unlatched) position, inspect the latch, striker, and swing gate panel. Verify proper latch and striker adjustment. Adjust accordingly.

Use of excessive force while attempting closure of the flip-up glass may damage (bend) the swing gate panel. If so, body repair may be the only solution.

Verify that the flip-up glass opens and closes as intended with the RKE fob (if so equipped), the swing gate lock, and the swing gate handle.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

the latch unlocks just fine. when I close the glass it won't latch. could the latch be out of adjustment. how do i adjust the latch and striker?

There is this.



  1. Verify that the flip-up glass is correctly centered in it's opening. R

  2. Confirm the flip-up glass to swing gate adjustment. Hold a straight edge flush against the glass as indicated, and record the gap/space between the straight edge and the swing gate outer vertical panel. NOTE: The flush specification for the flip-up glass to the swing gate outer panel is 0 mm - 2 mm over flush.


  1. If the flip-up glass needs to be adjusted, loosen the two latch attaching fasteners (5) and move the latch for or aft in small increments until desired measurement is achieved.
  2. Tighten the flip-up glass latch fasteners to 12 N.m (9 ft.lbs.).
  3. Verify correct flip-up glass closing efforts and operation.
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