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What is the cost to replace cylinder heads on 2005 Jeep

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What is the cost to replace cylinder heads on 2005 Jeep Cherooke; 3.7, V6

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

The labor to replace the heads is 14.8 hours. The left head runs $845, and the right is $756. You can get them alot cheaper at You will have to add the gasket set, about $250, and a couple gallons of coolant. If you need anything else like the belt, spark plugs, oil change, etc, this will all be extra too.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Are you saying the $845 & $756 is the part cost or the total for parts and labor? I have found the reconditioned heads for $325 each. Are the heads aluminum?

Also, a shop (dealarship) wants me to approve $600 labor to remove the existing head/heads to diagnose the problem. The water pump locked up and has been replaced and the technician say that the vehicle is running rough. i was driving it, heard the bely break noticed the tempertature rising and shut off the engine when the gauge got to 3/4, it was not in the red. I then had the vehicle towed. What do you think. Please help.

The heads are aluminum and very sensitive to heat. If you found them for $325 each, those are the ones you want! The prices I gave you were for each head, add those two together!

The labor to remove the heads sounds right. They're doing the right thing. They're taking it apart to see what's wrong instead of guessing and telling you that you need something when they have no idea. If the coolant temp got that high you may have done some damage. These things are very sensitive to heat. They might be warped, but more likely cracked. The combustion chamber roof thickness isn't all that much, so cracks will develop up there when there is no coolant above the chamber to take the heat away. If its running rough now its probably because of a loss of compression, or there is coolant leaking into at least one cylinder.

I have heard of the 3.7's and 4.7's having these problems, but I haven't seen it until lately. Within the last week I've actually torn down two 4.7's (my first two with this problem) that had been overheated in the past, and both of them had cracked heads. The reman heads for these are $800, and the new ones are over $1,200-each. The price you found for your 3.7 sounds like a good deal.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Here is my dilemma. I have an extended warranty that should pay for this. Since they will not pay for the diagnoses, I am liable for the $600 question. The $600 should be a part of the total labor/repair, should this be the problem?

Also I am afraid the shop and the warranty company are going to argue about the repair cost and I will have to cover their dispute ($). I have talked with them both and this is the feeling I am getting. The warranty co. mention the possibilty of taking the vehicle to another shop for a 2nd opinion (an option I also cosidered). The warranty co. mentioned that there could be another problem; ignition coil or fuel injection problem (there goes my $600).

Also the warranty co. has an out if the problem is from my negligence; operating the vehicle without fluids or in an overheated condition. I asked how that could be determined and their response is to look at the heads for signs of excessive heat such as burrned marks or a blue color of the metal.

What is you opinion? I know these are a lot of questions but I need as much amo as I can get. Thanks for any help you can provide.

They want you to authorize the teardown cost up front, just in case the service contract company doesn't pay for the repair for some reason. If they don't cover the repair for whatever reason then you'll have to pay for it. If they do cover the repair all you would have to pay is your contract deductible, $50, $100, whatever it is. you wouldn't have to pay the $600.

Its hard to say whether they'll cover it or not. After its taken apart and they find the problem they have to call the company. The company will send out an adjuster to look at the heads and the rest of the vehicle. They'll take pictures of everything. The body, interior, engine oil, odometer, etc. They want to prove whether you take care of the vehicle or not. The adjuster will give the company his findings and they'll decide whether or not to cover it. Its pretty rare that they won't cover something. If they don't cover part of the repair its normally tax and fluids that you would be responsible for.

There are many causes for a misfire. Spark plugs, coils, injectors, fuel quality, carbon, valves that don't seal, etc. I would think that if the dealer is ready to pull the heads that they've already been over the rest of the things and have narrowed it down to this. They may have done a pressure test or block test already that has proved the engine has a leak from a cylinder to the cooling system, and they just need to pull the heads to find out exactly where the problem is.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The shop has said this is about a $4000 repair. Should the warranty co. not pay for the repair, I believe I can have this done for at least half of this estimate. What will the shop's response be to me taking the job fom them? Will they consider giving me a more reasonable cost if I am responsible for the cost in liu of the warranty co.?

If they don't cover it and you have to pay for it, bring your own parts. You said you found those reman heads for $325 each, and those are less than half of the factory heads. You'd just have to pay for the gaskets, fluids and labor, but that will save you a ton of money if you bring them the heads.

If you decide to take it from them and have someone else fix it they'll make you pay the $600 for sure. They'll probably be mad if you pull the job from them, but its your vehicle and you can have it towed out and fixed somewhere else if you want to.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

One last thought. Should I consider replacing the entire engine? I think an engine (rebuilt) would be about $1,500 plus labor? What should the labor run?


A remanufcatured engine for this is going to run between $5-6000 I'd bet. I priced out a long block (lower engine with heads) for the 4.7 last week and it was near $7,000. These prices are without labor. A used engine would be an option, but used is used, and you'd have no idea what you were buying. If yours is in otherwise good shape and you've kept up on oil changes I'd fix your engine over replacing it with a used one.
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