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Good morning, inorder to replace the heater core, the entire dash has to be removed as well as the freon from the a/c system . Its a lengthy process and requires the proper a/c recovery and recharging mashine to perform the repair.

  1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the instrument panel speakers.
  3. Remove the floor console.
  4. Remove the radio.
  5. Remove the four nuts and remove the center support bracket.
  6. Remove the ground strap bolt and disconnect the restraint module electrical connector.
  7. Position front wheels straight ahead.
  8. Remove knee blocker cover and knee blocker.
  9. Remove screws from the lower column shroud and remove both the upper and lower shrouds.
  10. Turn ignition key to the on position.
  11. Disconnect the automatic transmission shifter interlock cable from the column, if equipped.

    CAUTION: Do not turn the clockspring more than 90° or damage to the clockspring may occur.

  12. Using a grease pencil or equivalent, mark the position of the steering wheel.
  13. Remove the steering coupler bolt and column mounting nuts and bolts then lower column off the mounting studs.
  14. Disconnect and remove the wiring harness from the column.
  15. Slide the shifter interlock cable from the tie straps.
  16. Remove the steering column.

    CAUTION: Do not remove the brake lamp switch. This is a one time component and is not intended for reinstallation. If the brake lamp switch is removed it must be discarded and replaced with a new switch.

  17. Disconnect the brake lamp switch electrical connector.
  18. Remove the drivers side cowl trim cover.
  19. Disconnect the wire harness connector behind the drivers side cowl trim cover.
  20. Disconnect the green and light blue wire harness bulk connectors at the junction block.
  21. Disconnect the electrical connector at the inner side of the pedal support bracket.
  22. Remove the two bolts at the front of the pedal support bracket.
  23. Remove the two bolts from the bottom side of the pedal support bracket.
  24. Remove the two roll down bracket bolts at the drivers cowl side panel.
  25. Remove the glove box.
  26. Remove the two HVAC mounting bolts behind the center trim.
  27. Remove the passenger side trim bezel.
  28. Remove the HVAC mounting bolt above the glove box striker.
  29. Remove the HVAC bolt at the lower outside corner of the glove box opening.
  30. Remove the passenger side cowl trim cover.
  31. Disconnect the blower resistor electrical connector.
  32. Remove the two roll down bracket bolts at the passenger cowl side panel.
  33. Disconnect the vacuum check valve and the vacuum reservoir.
  34. Disconnect the blower motor electrical connector.
  35. Disconnect the blend door connector.
  36. Remove the four bolts at the top of the instrument panel connecting to the cowl front panel.
  37. Roll the instrument panel rearward and remove the wire harness from routing channel in the rear.
  38. Disconnect the push pin fastener and position aside the radio wire harness. Note the location of the harness for installation.
  39. Remove the instrument panel.
  40. If the vehicle is equipped with A/C, recover the refrigerant from the refrigerant system
  41. Remove the accumulator and mounting bracket from the dash panel.
  42. Remove the nuts that secure the suction and liquid lines to the evaporator tapping block.
  43. Disconnect the suction and liquid lines from the evaporator tapping block and remove and discard the O-ring seals.
  44. Install plugs in, or tape over the opened suction and liquid line fittings and evaporator tapping block ports.
  45. Drain the engine cooling system.
  46. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes. Install plugs in, or tape over the opened heater core tubes.
  47. Disconnect the HVAC system vacuum supply line connector from the engine vacuum harness.
  48. Remove the nuts that secure the HVAC housing to the dash panel in the engine compartment.
  49. Remove the HVAC housing from inside the vehicle taking care not to allow any remaining coolant to drain on the vehicles interior.If equipped, remove the two screws that secure the heater core in the HVAC housing
  50. Gently push back on the two heater core retaining tabs and remove the heater core from the HVAC housing.

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