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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited ABS light stays on

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"1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited ABS light stays on"
welcome to ja
great jeep you have
my name is chris

the abs (anti lock brakes) light is on due to a component failure and will need to be put on a scanner to see what component has failed...
the common failer is a speed sensor... the abs code will tell you what part has failed and diagnostics can be ran to see what is going on with your jeep.

when this light comes on the abs shuts down completely.... you still have standard brakes but no anti lock brakes...

i recommend checking the brake fluid to make sure it is not low.
check the e brake to make sure it is not on.

than have the jeep scanned to see what code is in the system

you can drive the jeep but again you have no anti lock brakes.....

if this helps please leave feedback and accept.
let me know
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This just started today, it is only 3 degrees here with snow....all the ABS fuses are good....any chance this is a temperature related issue ?
it is possable but highly unlikely.....
this system is test throughly though all kinds of climate changes and conditions..... the government standards come no higher when it comes to a brakeing system...

the jeep needs to be scanned to see what code is in the abs system and then we can go deeper into diagnostics to repair your jeep....
without the code we are only pulling our hair and guessing and that gets expensive.....

call the local parts houses and see if they scan the jeep for free and have the ability to scan for abs codes...

i so hope this helps

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
your welcome let me know if i can help