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1997 Jeep Wrangler brake light The brake lights wont work.

Resolved Question:

1997 Jeep Wrangler brake light: The brake lights wont work. I have replaced the brake light switch, both bulbs and have adjusted it correctly but still no brake lights. With the ignition switch in the on position, I tested each of the brake pedal switch contact to ground and the test light never flickered. Also I have checked the fuse box and their is no fuses out and their is no problem with the fuse box. So is there anything else that I could do to fix the problem? Possibly an issue with the wires maybe? The headlights, turn signals and hazards all work. It is a bit weird cause all of those work but the brake lights do not work. Unless I checked it wrong, there is no power getting to the brake pedal switch. Any thoughts?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Donny replied 9 years ago.



On the brake light switch connector the pink wire with a dark blue tracer is the feed from the fuse box, fuse # XXXXX a 20 amp fuse, which when the brakes are applied will feed power out the white wire with a tan tracer


Let me know if you have power at the pink/dark blue wire so we know which way to trace the system


The other thing to look at is the rear light assemblies, they get ground through the bolts that secure them to the body,be sure that the mounting bolts are tight and clean, and that no add on accessories like light cages are interfering with the ground


I hope that this helps


Let me know what you find and we can move onto more testing as needed


Thank you



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Good thought but this vehicle is clean with none of the usual aftermarket stuff, i.e. light cages, that can nick wires.

Using a light continuity probe clipped to a frame ground (12v bulb with two wires and alligator clips), I had disconnected the connector from the brake light switch, turned the ignition key to the on position and touched each of the male connections to see if there was any power. The light didn't even flicker.

I will do the test you request and reply, but it probobly won't be until tomorrow or monday. I'll get back with you then.
Expert:  Donny replied 9 years ago.



Whenever is convenient for you, I will be available most of the day tomorrow and after work on Monday


Just let me know what you find and we will know which way to go



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The parking lights work all around including the rear. All fuses in the power distribution center test positive for continuity.

In the key on or key off position, there is no power from the pink/blue (pk/db) striped wire of the brake switch connector.

I traced the pink wire with a blue stripe back to the fuse box and it seems to go to an empty auxillary fan relay slot. I'm back under the dash to check a third time to make sure there's no other pink/blue wires in the brake switch connector.

Also, is it possible that somehow the multifunction switch is creating this problem?

Expert:  Donny replied 9 years ago.



The wire should go to fuse number 2 a 20 amp fuse in the fuse box


Is this the empty space?





Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The Haynes manual shows the same diagram.

Is there another fuse block other than the power distribution center located under the, front, right side, right of the air cleaner box?

Does this harness use more than one, or similar, pb/db wires?

Expert:  Donny replied 9 years ago.



Remove the glove box and there is an interior fuse box behind it


The fuse block module is mounted to a bracket on the dash panel, above the heater-A/C housing and behind the glove box. It has cavities for up to 20 blade-type fuses. A label on the heater-A/C housing beneath the fuse block module identifies the cavity assignments and fuse sizes. The fuse block module is accessed by removing the glove box.



  • Release the glove box latch and open the glove box door.
  • While supporting the glove box door with one hand, reach inside the glove box and depress the retaining tab
  • Open the glove box door until the retaining tab clears the glove box opening, then lift the hook formations on the lower edge of the glove box door off of the pivots on the instrument panel.
  • Remove the glove box from the instrument panel.
  • Reverse the removal procedures to install. Be certain that the hook formations on the lower edge of the glove box door are fully engaged on the instrument panel pivots before rotating the top of the glove box door up into place.




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