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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited: 4x4 4.7L..abs..check engine light

Resolved Question:

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4x4 4.7L would not start after driving it for 20 minutes and parking in a parking lot. The engine would turn over, lights, windows, radio, all work but the gauges on the dash do not move none of them. All of the abs, seatbealt, check engine, etc.. all come on then clear the only ones that stay lit are the check engine light, gas, check gauges and a key with a slash through it. The jeep will not start though tried for over 30 minutes off-on so on. After arranging a tow 1.5 hours later turn key on all gauges work jeep starts has been running and starting fine for a 4 months. Checked codes in computer none present. Took to Jeep dealer they said computer had no errors and running newest updates and fuel recall had been done and there was nothing they could do. Happened again on friday but died at an idol, gauges not working same as above. Started working again about 2 hours later working ever since. No codes present this time either.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  autoracer replied 9 years ago.
if the key with the slash light was on it means that the skim key wasnt working,that is the grey has a computer chip in it and there is a module in the column that reads it,i have seem many of the skim modules go bad for no aparent reason at time and then come back like nothing was wrong at need a skim module and your dealer will need to program it to your key.hope this helps,if you have any more questions just ask
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have a copy of my ignition key that we use for a spare door key and if I try to start the Jeep all the gauges will move and all the lights will cycle thru then go off and I can start the Jeep, it will start and run then it shuts down about 3-5 seconds then only the key with the slash light will blink. These are not the same symptoms when the Jeep will not start. None of the gauges will move at all in any key position and the all the lights do not go out even if I do not actually turn it over. The key light has never been flashing/blinking before except for when I used the copy. Do you still suspect the skim module?
Expert:  autoracer replied 9 years ago.
yes,when the skim module goes bad it wont do anything usually.
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