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1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo: check engine light..pressure sensor..volts

Resolved Question:

Hello, 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo, check engine light-code: P1764, governor pressure sensor volts too low. How serious is that? One mechanic said it was a bad sensor, another said it was a bad transmission. Thanks.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Donny replied 9 years ago.



Most commonly this means that the governor pressure sensor and transducer need to be replaced,a volt code normally does not mean that there is a mechanical failure, normally this is a sensor issue


To replace


I use a fluid evacuator to pull the fluid out of the pan before I remove it so I don't spill it all over, if you do not have one be sure to leave one bolt in but loose on the side that you feel the fluid will drain from best and on the opposite side leave one bolt almost all the way in so as the pan comes loose it will tip to the other side and the fluid will poor out, than when removing the pan the rest of the way be careful since it will still be full of fluid

  • Hoist and support vehicle on safety stands.
  • Remove transmission fluid pan and filter.
  • Disengage wire connectors from pressure sensor and solenoid
  • Remove screws holding pressure solenoid retainer to governor body.
  • Separate solenoid retainer from governor
  • Pull solenoid from governor body
  • Pull pressure sensor from governor body.
  • Remove bolts holding governor body to valve body.
  • Separate governor body from valve body
  • Remove governor body gasket.

    To avoid overfilling transmission after a fluid change or overhaul, perform the following procedure:

    1. Remove dipstick and insert clean funnel in transmission fill tube.
    2. Add following initial quantity of ATF +4, to transmission:
      1. If only fluid and filter were changed, add 3 pints (1-1/2 quarts) of ATF +4 to transmission.
      2. Apply parking brakes.
    3. Start and run engine at normal curb idle speed.
    4. Apply service brakes, shift transmission through all gear ranges then back to NEUTRAL, set parking brake, and leave engine running at curb idle speed.
    5. Remove funnel, insert dipstick and check fluid level. If level is low, add fluid to bring level to MIN mark on dipstick. Check to see if the oil level is equal on both sides of the dipstick. If one side is noticeably higher than the other, the dipstick has picked up some oil from the dipstick tube. Allow the oil to drain down the dipstick tube and re-check.
    6. Drive vehicle until transmission fluid is at normal operating temperature.
    7. With the engine running at curb idle speed, the gear selector in NEUTRAL, and the parking brake applied, check the transmission fluid level.

      CAUTION: Do not overfill transmission, fluid foaming and shifting problems can result.

    8. Add fluid to bring level up to MAX arrow mark.

      When fluid level is correct, shut engine off, release park brake, remove funnel, and install dipstick in fill tube.

    I hope that this helps


    if you need more information just let me know


    Thank you






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