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How do I remove the rear axle to replace the axle seal in a ...

Resolved Question:

How do I remove the rear axle to replace the axle seal in a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  Jerry replied 9 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

Here is the procedure for the axle as well as the seal(s)


  1. Place the transmission in NEUTRAL and raise and support vehicle.
  2. Remove wheel and tire assembly.
  3. Remove brake drum (Refer to BRAKES AND TRACTION CONTROL) .
  4. Clean all foreign material from housing cover area.
  5. Remove the housing cover and drain lubricant.
  6. Rotate differential case to access the pinion mate shaft lock screw. Remove lock screw and pinion mate shaft from differential case
  1. Push axle shaft inward then remove axle shaft C-lock.
  2. Remove axle shaft being careful not to damage shaft bearing and seal.
  3. Inspect axle shaft seal for leakage or damage.
  4. Inspect axle shaft bearing contact surface for signs of brinelling, galling and pitting.

Remove axle shaft seal from the end of the axle tube with a small pry bar


  1. Wipe the axle tube bore clean. Remove any old sealer or burrs from the tube.
  2. Install a new axle seal with Installer C-4076-B and Handle C-4735-1. When the tool contacts the axle tube, the seal is installed to the correct depth.
  3. Coat the lip of the seal with axle lubricant for protection prior to installing the axle shaft.
  4. Install the axle shaft.
  5. Check and fill gear lubricant.
  6. Remove support and lower vehicle.


  1. Lubricate bearing bore and seal lip with gear lubricant. Insert axle shaft through seal, bearing and engage it into side gear splines. NOTE: Use care to prevent shaft splines from damaging axle shaft seal lip.
  2. Insert C-lock in end of axle shaft. Push axle shaft outward to seat C-lock in side gear.
  3. Insert pinion shaft into differential case and through thrust washers and differential pinions.
  4. Align hole in shaft with hole in the differential case and install lock screw with Loctite on the threads. Tighten lock screw to 11 Nm (8 ft. lbs.) .
  5. Install cover and fill with gear lubricant.
  6. Install brake drum (Refer to BRAKES AND TRACTION CONTROL).
  7. Install wheel and tire assemblies.
  8. Remove support and lower vehicle.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I had already done that before I asked the question. But yet the axle still wouldn't come out. On a 2001 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE, it has disc brakes in the rear. Which I found out means the axle removal requires a slide hammer. So................... Thanks Anyway.