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dana 44 troubleshooting

Customer Question

i just recently replaced my ring and pinion gears on my 2000 jeep wrangler front axle dana 30, rear axle dana 44 and i changed out the carrier as well on the dana 44. i went from stock 3.73 to 4.56 gear ratio.

after about 100 miles i seen that both front and back axle vent tubes were spitting up gear oil. my first thoughts were i overfilled it a little bit. but now its only my back end (dana44) i checked the oil level and its low and now it seems that it might be leaking where the axle goes into the dif housing. when i rebuild the dif''s i bought new everything new shims bearings and even pinion seal. my wear pattern was perfect. so what could it be?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  a-mechanic replied 9 years ago.


You have an axle seal leaking, I will show you a rendering of how the seal attaches to the axle. in a second,

as to the fluid coming out the vent tube, you are spinning the gears faster, and this can cause it a little. if this is all it is just extend the tube some. or if it was setup too tight the fluid can overheat and cause this also, or water in the fluid also, if the fluid smells burnt or looks bad it may be overheating, if it is milky after driving it has water in it.


2 - SEAL
3 - AXLE

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok so the only seal is at the bearing so the seal apears when you pull out the axle... but to me it seems that the leak was coming from where the axle itself was pressed into the dif housing... so there wouldnt be a seal there.

and about extending the tube. is there a too high amount. i mean is there a way i can extend it too high? when i put the gears it i did the backlash check and pre-load and pinion depth and i made everything within tolerance so i dont think its burning
Expert:  a-mechanic replied 9 years ago.

Unless the housing is scarred or cracked the seal is the leak. This is common.

the don't go above the battery.

Expert:  a-mechanic replied 9 years ago.

Hey, I just realized you said the tubes are leaking at the center section.

The housing may be warped, You could try cleaning it and running some sealer around the tubes, then paintng it. and see if that stops the leak.