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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee: V6 engine..dealership..I get a ticking noise

Resolved Question:

I bought a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee special edition with the 4.0 liter V6 engine in it, a little less than 1000 miles ago, from a dealership. When I purchased the jeep it made no noises upon intial "Cold" start up in the morning. Now the past two to three times I have started it in the morning I get a ticking noise in the engine for the first 15-30 seconds and then it stops. I tried to rev the engine lightly to see if that would help and it didnt. The second time I cold started it and it made the ticking sound i had to drop it into drive and the noise stopped. Today I started the engine and the same noise happened instead it was a lot louder and more aggressive of a noise, but stopped after 15 seconds. I was told jeep was notorious for having sticky lifters on a cold start. I am concerned because i just bought the vehicle and do not want to ruin the engine. I had to have an f-150 engine rebuilt once.... what a complete headache! How do I know if I should be worried or not!!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Jeep
Expert:  ProAnswerMan replied 9 years ago.

Hi C Benson,

It sounds like you've got a lifter or two that are bleeding off, and yes I've seen several of them in the 03-04 year model. The bad news is I've never seen one correct itself, I've always had to replace the lifters. And some have even went long enough to wear out the cam shaft and damage the lobe(s). I've seen people use all different kinds of oil and lubes and they still end up replaceing the lifters to remove the noise. And it's not and easy job, cause the cylinder head has to come off to remove them. But I've not have one return after replaceing them, its always fixed the cold start ticking noise. Feel free to write me back if you need anymore information, thanks David.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is this a very expensive job... and what will happen if i can not afford to fix the jeep right away... will i damage the jeep or blow the engine... I just got finished rebuilding a ford f-150 engine and I am still recovering from the cost of the new jeep and the ford rebuilt engine. Do you think if i had to wait 2 -3 weeks before replacing the lifters it will do any kind of extensive damage to my new car..... thanks a lot...!
Expert:  ProAnswerMan replied 9 years ago.
Ok, it is a little exspensive just for the fact the head has to come off to replace them. And I feel sure you won't cause any further damage in 2-3 weeks before the repair, but I wouldn't take off on any really long trips until it was repaired. Thanks David.