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1998 jeep cherokee sport my dash guages quit working and ...

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1998 jeep cherokee sport my dash guages quit working and the airbag light comes on. this problem comes and goes.


Some vehicles may exhibit an intermittent illumination of the air bag warning light or an intermittent tachometer or speedometer drop out.

This condition is caused by minor oxidation of the BUS circuit terminals at the instrument cluster connector. Electrical terminals will show signs of oxidation, which will appear as darkened lines or marks on the cluster male terminals. These often appear as gray or black marks rather than the appearance of oxidation or corrosion usually associated with higher current carrying circuits. perform the Repair Procedure

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the instrument cluster using the procedures outlined in the appropriate service manual.
  3. Inspect the male terminals of pins 1 & 2 on the instrument cluster connector labeled CNB The oxidation will appear as gray or black lines or marks on the terminals. If any signs of oxidation are present, remove them by gently scraping the terminals with a small flat bladed screw driver until the oxidation is gone. Use of a magnifying glass may be helpful Use caution when performing this operation. Do not apply excessive force to the terminals to avoid bending them or damaging the cluster or terminals. Do not use a sharp tool, knife or sand paper, which could remove the protective plating from the terminals. Do not use any cleaner other than p/n 04856975. Other chemical cleaners could damage the instrument cluster.
  4. Clean the male terminals with Electrical Contact cleaner, p/n 04856975. Apply the cleaner sparingly holding the cluster with the connector facing down to avoid excessive amount of cleaner from entering the cluster.
  5. Remove the green cluster connector from the bracket.
  6. Using wire cutters, remove the instrument cluster harness connector from the harness. Remove only the connector containing the BUS circuit This connector is labeled CBA on the cluster. Cut the wires as close to the insulator as possible.
  7. The new connector must be soldered onto the harness. This operation requires a technician who is skilled at soldering to avoid a cold solder joint. Position the harness and align the wires with the patch harness, matching the color codes match the main wire colors. (do one wire at a time and match locations also, depending on the option level of your jeep the new connector may have extra unused wires)
  8. Stagger cut the main harness and patch harness wires so that the solder joints will be 1/2 inch apart. Remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the wires. The new harness will have a dark blue with no tracer.
  9. Slide a piece of heat shrink tubing over the wires and twist the wires together for each respective circuit.
  10. Solder each circuit using rosin core solder. Be sure to heat the wire enough to allow the solder to melt when it comes in contact with wire. Do not use acid core solder.
  11. Position the heat shrink tubing over the solder joints and shrink the tubing using a heat gun.
  12. Install the connector to the bracket.
  13. Install the instrument cluster.
  14. Connect the battery cable.
  15. Verify correct operation of the cluster.

QtyPart No.Description
105016261AACluster Connector Patch Harness
104856975Electric Contact Cleaner
1004778570Heat Shrink Tubing

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