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Donny, Shop Foreman
Category: Jeep
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Experience:  A.S.E. Certified A1-A8,L1,X1,T1,T2 Over 25 years Experience with Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep
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2006 jeep liberty: it is in park also starts ok but cannot remove key

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2006 jeep liberty key stuck in ignition will turn motor off it is in park also starts ok but cannot remove key.


It sounds like the shift interlock cable has hung up or failed

Remove the shrouds from the steering column, Then at the bottom of the column at the side and rear of the key cylinder there is a rectangular boss that the interlock slides into, you will see a yellow tab, find the position of the ignition key that will allow this tab to be pressed up towards the column and then slide the shift interlock cable assembly out of the column, inspect the yellow parts that slide up and down in the column for excessive scarring, if badly scored the cable assembly will need to be replaced, if not clean up the yellow slide and the receptacle on the column add some spray lubricant to the yellow parts and move back and forth until free moving, add some spray into the receptacle and then slide the cable back into the column, shift the car from park to low and back to park and try to remove key, if it still will not come out the interlock cable will need to be replaced, you can for a temporary measure to get your key out to park the jeep slide the cable back out of the column and remove key---- waring this will allow shifting with out key

to replace

1. Lower the steering column.
2. With the ignition switch in the "RUN" position depress the park-interlock cable locking tab located on top of the cable connector at the steering column and pull the cable straight out.

3. Remove the park-interlock cable from steering column.
4. Remove the floor console and related trim.
5. Disconnect the park-interlock cable from the shift lever assembly and remove the cable from the shifter assembly bracket.
6. Release the park-interlock cable from any remaining clips.
7. Remove park-interlock cable from the vehicle.

to install

1. Push the park-interlock cable straight into the square mounting hole in the steering column until cable snaps in place.
2. Snap park-interlock cable tie strap into hole in steering column tube

3. Route cable to the shifter mechanism.
4. Install the cable end fitting into shifter lever
5. Snap cable adjuster ears into floor shifter bracket.
6. Place the ignition key cylinder in the LOCK position.
7. Push the cable adjuster lock clamp downward to lock it.
8. Test the park-interlock cable operation.
9. Install the floor console and related trim

to adjust

1. Remove floor console as necessary for access to the park-interlock cable.
2. Shift the transmission into the PARK position.
3. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position. Be sure ignition key cylinder is in the LOCK position. Cable will not adjust correctly in any other position.
4. Pull cable lock button up to release cable
5. Ensure that the cable is free to self-adjust by pushing cable rearward and releasing.
6. Push lock button down until it snaps in place.
7. Verify proper operation.

I hope that this helps

If you need more information just let me know

Thank you



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