I have a 2012 jaguar xfr with 84k miles and im getting a fuel smell from the back of the the car at first i thought it

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Customer: I have a 2012 jaguar xfr with 84k miles and im getting a fuel smell from the back of the the car at first i thought it was the fuel cap but its not any ideas
JA: Have you noticed an increase in fuel consumption? And how does the Jaguar start—same as usual?
Customer: Not that much of a diffrence but it does start good
JA: What is the model of your '12 Jaguar?
Customer: Yea 2012 Xfr
JA: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Im trying to but no
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: I havent tried anything yet
Answered by Richard in 32 mins 4 years ago
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HelloDo you smell it in the rear seat area or right under the rear seat? Is it worse after re fueling? Is the engine light on?
I smell it out side towards the rear and it dosent get worse when i refuel seems like its always there but i do have a engine light on that goes away after like 4 days but comes back after 2 weeks the code is p2406
Ok it sounds like we may have a problem with the evap system. Either a small fuel vapor leak or fault with the valve on the canister. We use a pressure/smoke machine to pinpoint leaks and test the system.
The canister and valve are tucked up and over the rear subframe so they are not easily accessible.
what parts do i need to remove to get it replaced
If it is the canister you either need to remove the rear diff or st least lower it or the other way would be to lower the rear frame. Either is not an easy job. This is why we always do the smoke and pressure test to be sure.
How can i do the pressure test you are talking about
Sorry for the delay. Special equipment is needed to do this.
what symptoms does this cause to the engine

No driveability symptoms. You will not feel any issues with the leak however it is fuel vapors are are seeping out so this could be a safety issue.

O ok because i do get some occasional shaking of the engine

Unless we have a problem with the purge valve but normally they will not cause both symptoms. Do you smell the odor even after the engine has been off for a while?

after the engine is off
Ok does sound like a canister or valve problem so the pressure and smoke test will be needed.
The purge vale u mean should i just replace both where is the location of the purge valve
The purge valve is located on the driver side of the engine under the rubber cover. I would not recommend replacing it until we can have the test performed to confirm.
O ok so what can i do for not to diag it but the smell is coming from the rear of the car
It even could be the seal for the fuel pump flange on the passenger side of the fuel tank. None of the parts in the rear are easy to replace unfortunately.
Well i got that code p2406 leak detection pump circuit high
that could be a bad pump on the canister in the back, leak or wiring fault.
Does the pump and canister come together
The pump can be removed and replaced but they are VIN specific.
O ok so how can i drop the diff
I will send you all the info.
Ok thanks im gonna read through them

No problem. This is not an easy job to do without special tools and equipment.

What kind of special tools do i need

certain specialty tools to remove the axles and a jack to support the differential.

Can i just drop the diff enought to sneak the canister by

Yes. I actually lower the driver side subframe which is easier. I will send over those instructions as it is not part of a printed procedure.

Ok can u please

Remove the driver rear tire.

Remove the bolt securing the brake hose to the body. Either a 10mm or 8mm depending on your VIN.

Remove the driver side muffler.

Remove the lower shock bolt while supporting the lower arm. then allow the arm to drop down.

Remove the driver side subframe bolts and support the frame as you lower it. If you have a cross brace in the front that goes from side to side that has to be removed as well.

Once lowered follow the steps to remove the canister removing it through the opening in between the frame and body on the driver side.

Once the frame is lo

Is there still more??

SOrry was cut off.

Once the frame is lowered follow the procedure in the link for the canister that I sent over.

I would recommend we test the system first but if thats not an option then we could replace the canister and valve also looking closely at the wiring for it.

Ok yea is there any thing i can buy to test it like from amazon or harbor freight

You can purchase one but they are costly. You would also need a scan tool capable of performing active commands to close the internal valve in the pump. By the time you buy both it would be cheaper to have a shop run the tests. I have not had much luck with the cheap smoke machines. Here is a decent one just to give you an idea but again see if your tool has the capabilities for performing the evap leak test.


Ok yea i can just take it somewhere to get it tested
How much will a shop charge for that in this car

About a one hour labor charge.

Ok ill just go get it checked can i check to see if its the fuel pump gasket from the rear seat?

Yes you can look under the seat below the black cover on the passenger side to see if there are any signs of a fuel leak.

I have to take the bottom of the seat off

Yes just the cushion. There are black plastic levers that you need to move then the seat will pop off.

Ok i will check that tomorrow

Ok thanks. Let me know.

Hey quick question im gonna do the rear brake pads anything i need to know as far as the go what type of piston is it do i need special tools etc

The piston needs to be turned in clockwise using a special retract tool which should be available at your local parts store or tool store.

Ok how do i put the sensor it has a spring on it

The brake wear sensor will just slide into the new brake pad.

O ok

Let me know if you need anything else.

Ok thanks

You're welcome.

Ok i just took the passenger side tire off and i smell fuel pretty bad

Yes could be a leaking canister, pipe/pipe seal or pump. Could also be the tank flange or filler pipe.

Dam only way to know is that smoke machine
Its stronger towards the bottom of the car so what bolts hold the subframe
Another question my driver door handle keeps freezing up in the cold weather amy suggestion on what to do to make it not freeze its only the drivers door that does it and when it happens the door does not stay closed like the latch gets stuck open

You can try spraying some wd 40 into the latch but the latch itself may need to be replaced. There is a bolt for the front of the subframe and a bolt in the rear.

Do u have a diagram of what bolt is

Click on the link. The is the complete procedure which you are not doing but it shows you the bolts.

Ok thanks but the outside door handle seems like its getting stuck

Just checking in to see if you need any further assistance. If not please submit a rating. Thanks.

Im just having problems with the handle

Ok as per site policy we can only handle one problem/concern per question. A new question would need to be opened for that concern. If you would like to do that I will be online to help. PLease submit a positive rating on this question. Thanks.

How do i do that

There should be an option on your side to give a rating. Then you can go back to the site and submit a new question.

Ok sorry im new to this i dont know how it works yet
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