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Kevin, Technician
Category: Jaguar
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My 2001 XKR has just failed its MOT in UK due to the fact

Customer Question

Hi Jerry. My 2001 XKR has just failed its MOT in UK due to the fact that the N/S door wing mirror is loose around the pivot point - apparently, when the mirror is in its normal operating position, there is minimal resistance when it is pushed toewards the car. It works perfectly in operation!. Is there an easy way to tighten up the pivot point?
JA: Are you fixing your XKR yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: it's currently with a local Jag garage and they want £300 for a replacement mirror & housing which I am trying to avoid
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Jaguar
Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

Hi I'm Kevin can you tell me if you have an interior mirror fitted

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Not a good start Kevin for an expert Jaguar technician! - My question is about the exterior wing mirror on the passenger door and you ask me if I have an interior mirror fitted. I'm pretty sure that all Jaguar cars have an interior mirror fitted, Why wouldn't my Jag have one??
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Can I have a refund of my $5 please - I've lost confidence in this conversation already .... and asking me for another £22 to talk to you on the phone has convinced me that this website is not for me. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or my money back!
Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

My apologies for delay i work full time as well as answering questions on here .the extra for phone call is a system thing and is auto not sent by us i dont even offer phone service.please dobt loose faith .the reason i ask is as a mot tester myself the legal requirement is a drivers side mirror ,and either interior or side mirror not both so if interior is fitted (some people remove ) then this mirror is not considered obligotary and is not an mot failure .so you have room for appeal as the failure is incorrect .i hope this helps

Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

Please let me know if i can assist in any way further .im online all evening and apologise again for the delay .you only pay on here if satisfied with the info you recieve so you have nothing to loose by continuing in conversation if needed

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Kevin. My question remains as there a simple way to tighten the pivot tension on an exterior wing mirror on a 2001 jaguar xkr. There seems to be an access panel underneath the pivot.....does this allow access to adjust the tension on the wing mirror pivot to satisfy the mot inspector?
Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

Ok no there is no way to adjust this the tension is held by a large spring but there is no physical adjustment .the only way to cure is to replace but i reiterate this is not an mot failure

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Kevin - I tried to send you a reply via the website but then got in a bizarre communication loop with your "assistant" Pearl who I now realise is an electronic Avatar because "her" responses soon became hilarious .... and increasingly ridiculous! Anyway. Thank you for your earlier responses but I'm afraid this MOT problem will not go away because the tester is now saying that the same thing effects both wing mirrors!! I promise you I not being unreasonable when I say with confidence that both wing mirrors are fully functioning, firmly attached and fully operational - basically exactly as they were when I purchased the car in 2001. They have not been damaged in any way and all motors and adjustments are working perfectly. However, the tester has failed the car on the basis that the wing mirrors are "insecure" and he has chosen to interpret "insecure" as meaning that, when the mirrors are in the fully open position, he can apply a "small" amount of pressure to the outside edge of the wing mirrors and this dislodge them from their fully locked out position. In my view, the pressure required to dislodge the mirrors has always been the same and the mirrors are designed to fold in on any impact in order that they don't knock a cyclist off his bike etc. On rare occasions, I have driven the car at high speeds and in high winds/rain and, at no time in over 16 years, have either mirror wobbled, shaken or been dislodged. It is ridiculous, in my view, that an MOT tester could define either mirror as "insecure". Unfortunately I think my only option is going to be to take it to another MOT station for a re-test. Very frustrating but I am certainly not replacing either mirror since they are both fully operational and as secure as the day I bought the car new in 2001. Very Frustrating - I was hoping that there might be a simple adjustment to tighten the tension in the spring but you have confirmed that this is not the case. Thanks for your help and I am happy to pay my $5.
Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

Some testers misinterpret what the rules are but what he's missing is that the n/a mirror isn't even part of the test if the other two mirrors are fitted . I would strongly recommend that you appeal the result as I do not either believe that it's a failure from what you describe here's a link to instructions for appeal

Please remember to rate me service and keep me updated

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Kevin. Notwithstanding this string of communication clearly confirming that we have never had any telephone contact, my credit card has incorrectly been charged £23. How do I get this refunded?
Expert:  Kevin replied 3 months ago.

You d to speak to custo er services i have no control over this at all i only answer questions for just answer i dont work for them