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Jaguar X-Type: low beams, both sides, do not come on when the

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low beams, both sides, do not come on when the lights are turned on. Driving lights work, high beams work, all marker lights are on.. What could be the trouble? I have more information. My wife is driving the car, in Jackson Hole Wyoming on her way back to Spokane, WA. She has had a heck of a day. Blowout on a front tire, bought a set of tires in Rock Springs, wyoming, needed an alignment, so paid for that before leaving Rock Springs and now this.. She turned the lights on and nothing, actually the drivers side is slightly illuminated, passenger side, nothing. The answer will have to be something I can have her try right now, over the phone to keep her driving or I need to have her get a hotel.
Hello - call her and get her into a hotel I am afraid.
It sounds like the low beam relay might have failed - or possibly a problem with the high / low switch itself - either way she won't be able to fix that at the side of the road - it needs parts.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but find a hotel and get her of to a auto electrician in the morning or drive during the day.
Mechanic Martyn
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