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Experience:  12 years at a Ford/Lincoln Mercury and Jaguar dealer as technician and shop foreman.
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jaguar xk8: have 2000 xk8, love the car but tired of problems.

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have 2000 xk8, love the car but tired of problems. get code po171...lean on bank one, checked for air leaks thoroughly and found nothing even with engine runnig and spraying carb cleaner, appears to be no vacum leaks at all. some sugest maf sensor but that would affect both banks? O2 sensor would read as such so can't be that? erase codes and drive again, today I get 353 coil C, 303 cyl 3 misfire, both relate to same? and 1632 detect misfire, running out of ideas and ready to drive it over a cliff! have replaced 2 other coils recently, both on bank 2, codes allways pointed to bank 1. wonder if coil C code is due to lean condition bank 1 code 171. when driving restricted performance light comes on then goes out after a short time and drives normal again, then engine light comes on and stays. did detect a light backfire when started after sitting for an hour or so when restricted performance light was on, that soon went away and light went off but this happens frequently. Alan.
Hello and welcome to

For that cylinder 3 fault it is most likely a bad coil. If you replaced cylinder 3 already but used an aftermarket coil it could be defective. Cylinder 3 is the third one from the front on the passenger side. I do not think this is the cause of the P0171. I suspect the problem is the air flow sensor. I think the scan tool you are using cannot read all the codes. In some cases only one bank is flagged and the other one reads as a pending code. If your scan tool can read freeze frame data we should check the fuel trims when the p0171 was flagged.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, i'll fit a new maf sensor and another coil, dont know why I'm having a run on coils all of a sudden?? any ideas? also you say even though reading as bank 1 for the po171 code, not nessesarly so and just reads as bank 1 as maf sensor relates to engine in generall.... Alan.

I suspect that bank 2 is pending and not being displayed by your scan tool. I think the problem is that sensor provided we have no air leaks.
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