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Jaguar XJ6: I have a 1996 Jag XJ6 It has 197000. miles on

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I have a 1996 Jag XJ6 It has 197000. miles on it but is is perfect condition. I store it for the winter so I put an in line cut off switch on the neg terminal of the battery . After 5 weeks when I turned the switch on and turned the ignition on , the car started perfectly . However , a few hours later , after driving the car , I turned it off , When I tried to restart it , it cranked over but would not start . That was about two weeks ago . Ever since then it has had trouble starting . The mechanics I have shown it to are completely confused . I have changed the fuel pump , the uel filter and fuel pressure regulator . Nothing has woorked . I have even tried to lock and unlock the car with the key fob but that hasn't worked . I think I have confused the computer which controls the electronic ignition because the mechanics say they cannot understand why there is fuel to the injectors sometimes but no spark and sometimes a spark but no fuel . They think that the car computer sytem thinks the car it is being stolen and so it will not let the car start . Any suggestions of how to reboot or reset the computer ?
Hello and welcome to

Is the vehicle still at the mechanics? Did they say there is no fuel pressure and spark?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
They say that fuel and spark are intermittent. Sometimes there is a spark. Sometimes fuel. But not both together.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes it is at mechanics and they said there was fuel pressure because a new pump was installed.
Ok I would first have them remove the ECU in the passenger kick panel to see if there are signs of water or corrosion. Next they should check the crank sensor as this will effect fuel injection and spark.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What does ECU STAND FOR ? Where is the crank sensor?
ECU is the engine computer. The crank sensor is located in the front of the engine next to the crank pulley.
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