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Richard, Jaguar Technician
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Experience:  12 years at a Ford/Lincoln Mercury and Jaguar dealer as technician and shop foreman.
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Jaguar 2007 xk convertible: Jaguar 2007 XK convertible;When

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Jaguar 2007 XK convertible;

When all of this fails what is next? Top gets about 2 inches above the windshield closes latches and stops?

Tried this:"There are a few things we can try. You can disconnect the negative battery terminal cable for 10 minutes which sometimes resets the module. Then you will need to rest the windows. With the window switches press and hold them to close the windows. Keep holding the switch till you hear a click from each motor. If the top still will not work then we can try lowering the top manually. I can guide you through this process if you do not have your owner's manual. The battery is located behind the carpet cover in the rear of the trunk. That luggage separator needs to be removed and can be a pain to reinstall. The next step would be to lower the top manually. This is not that difficult and the procedure is in your owner's handbook. If you do not have you handbook then here's how to do it. First pop off the middle rear seat back cover by pulling the top out then sliding it up. You will see an allen wrench clipped on top of the fuse box. Then go in the trunk and remove the vent on the passenger side rear. You will see the convertible top pump enclosed in a gray insulation. There will be a hole in it where you need to insert the allen wrench and turn counter clockwise till you feel resistance. Then go inside and look at the front of the top in the center you will see a cover. With a small flat blade screwdriver pop the front of that cover down and slide it out. Insert the allen in the hole and again turn counter clockwise till you feel resistance. You will notice that the top is starting to open. You will need an assistant to do the next step. Go outside the vehicle and grab the from and back of the top and fold them together then have an assistant pull the release handle that is located next to that pump. Just pull the handle and the tonneu cover will come up. Hold the cover up and fold the top down into the well. Allow the cover to drop down. Then start he engine and press the top up switch and it should work"

repeat it? leave the battery disconnected longer?
Hello and welcome to

I see you have read over some of my posts.

Were you able to lower the top manually?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Actually, I’m asking this for my mechanic who is good, but not a Jaguar expert.


This problem originally occurred about three months ago. He went through the procedure you outlined in your previous post, and the top worked perfectly.


About three days ago I was attempting to raise the top and it stopped about 2 inches above the windshield and would not go up or down.


I took the jag to the same mechanic who repeated the procedure; raise the top manually. But tells me today when he pressed the button (I’m assuming the button that raises or lowers the top) to reset the top. It didn’t work.


He said he then disconnected the battery and waited 10 minutes reset the top manually and is still stopped about 2 inches above the windshield.


Around 5 o’clock he was attempting to reset the top manually again but this time he was having trouble getting the top to “release” after 30 minutes of waiting the top was still tight.


No Jag dealers here.

Ok after the battery is disconnected and reconnected the windows will need to be reset. Lower the front windows with the engine running then raise them all the way up and hold the window up switches for a few seconds. Then lower the top manually. Close the valve on the pump then start the vehicle and raise the top.
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