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1999 XK8: 000 miles..oil leak coming..passenger side..all the bolts

Resolved Question:

I have an 1999 XK8 with about 58,000 miles. It has an oil leak coming from the exact same spot which is at the exhaust manifold on the passenger side. The 1st independant Jaguar dealer I took it to, only tightened all the bolts and said it might be my transmission pan leaking which is expensive since you have to remove the pan and put in new trans fluid.
He only charged me $50.00 and it still leaked. Because he did not test my car afterward and it still leaked, I took it to another independant repair shop. They did take off the trans pan charged me $800.00+ and it still leaked. I brought it back with less than 2000 more miles on it and they said it was the valve cover gasket. They charged me $300+ and it still leaked. I took it back a 3rd time and I just picked it up and it smoked worse than before from the exact same place. This time it was $40.00+ and they said it was the oil filler plug. I drove it and brought it right back. Should not these people test the car after they claim to fix it and see if it still smokes, before they give it to me?
Should I bite the bullet and take it to Jaguar dealer and risk paying double and still not have it fixed?
At this point I just want to sell the car but not till Iget this fixed.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Jaguar
Expert:  Jerry replied 5 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. Please DON’T hit accept until you are completely satisfied with the answer. If you need any more on it just let me know. About your vehicle.



So sorry to hear all that. I agree with you though, they should make sure that it's fixed before giving it back to you. It sounds like none of them are sure exactly where the leak is. One thing they should have done, (maybe still do) is to put some dye in the oil, (or trans) to see where it is coming out from.


Aside from that, the engine may not be breathing as it should and that will allow crankcase pressures to get too high when driving. In fact there was a campaign on that for some of them.


I don't see how shops can charge for work that doesn't fix the problem, (it seems to happen though) and a good reputable shop should fix it at no cost at this point. (not that they will) but you should see what they are willing to do.

Campaign - Engine Breather Scheduled Cleanings


V8 XJ Series/XK

10/04 MODEL:
1997-2001 MY XK Range
1998-2001 MY V8 XJ Series VIN
812256-F25708 Part-Load Engine Breather - Partial Blockage
of Restrictor - Scheduled Cleaning - Service Action S474



If yours does fall in the VIN's it would normally be covered by the dealer. In anycase, they will want to be sure that the engine is breathing correctly and find out EXACTLY where the leak is coming from.

Thanks and again, sorry to hear about your dilema. SM

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