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Land Rover Freelander I have a 2002 Land Rover Freelander

Resolved Question:

I have a 2002 Land Rover Freelander with the V6. I had a coolant leak. I took off the engine cover and looked at the thermostat housing and it was pouring coolant out. I pulled on the two rubber hoses connected to it and it pulled right out. Took out the thermostat to inspect. I can't see if the housing clips together or if it's broke and I need another one.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Jaguar
Expert:  Jerry replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

If the thermostat housing came out without unbolting it, it must be broken. The thermostat and housing are all one assembly.


Service Repair No - 26.45.01


  1. Disconnect battery earth lead.
  2. Drain cooling system.
  3. Remove inlet manifold chamber.


  1. Remove 2 bolts securing injector protection cover and RH fuel rail to inlet manifold, position cover aside.
  2. Release 2 clips securing engine harness to rear engine lifting bracket and bracket on RH inlet manifold.


  1. Release clip and disconnect bottom hose from thermostat housing.
  2. Loosen clip and disconnect heater hose from thermostat housing.
  3. Release clip and disconnect top hose from coolant elbow.
  4. Remove bolt securing thermostat housing and coolant elbow to cylinder block.
  5. Remove coolant elbow from cylinder block.
  6. Remove thermostat housing and coolant pipe from cylinder block.
  7. Release clip and remove coolant pipe from thermostat housing.
  8. Remove and discard 4 '0' rings from thermostat housing, coolant elbow and coolant pipe.


  1. Lubricate new 'O' rings with rubber grease and fit to sealing grooves in thermostat housing, coolant elbow and coolant pipe.
  2. Fit coolant pipe into thermostat housing, ensure clip connectors are uppermost.
  3. Position thermostat housing and coolant pipe above cylinder block, engage coolant pipe in cylinder block and press thermostat housing firmly into position. Ensure mounting flange on thermostat housing is aligned to bolt hole in cylinder block.
  4. Fit coolant elbow into cylinder block, press firmly into place. Ensure mounting flange is aligned correctly to thermostat housing flange.
  5. Fit bolt to coolant elbow and thermostat housing flanges. Tighten bolt to 18 Nm (13 ft. lbs.) .
  6. Connect top hose to coolant elbow and secure with clip.
  7. Connect heater and bottom hoses to thermostat housing, secure with clips.
  8. Position and secure engine harness to brackets with clips.
  9. Position injector protection cover to RH fuel rail, fit and tighten bolts to 9 Nm (7 ft. lbs.) .
  10. Fit inlet manifold chamber.
  11. Fill cooling system.
  12. Connect battery earth lead.

Parts Information
Part OEM Part Price
6 - Thermostat PEM000030 $87.59
Labor Skill
Replace C 2.5 3.5

I have the instructions for the intake in a PDF format that you can download HERE then you just click where it says “Click here to start download” Thanks

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