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2001 Jaguar S-Type P1386 and P1388 come up. Mechanic

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2001 Jaguar S-Type P1386 and P1388 come up. Mechanic "re-flashed" the ECM and added heavy oil to the engine. Codes came back. Any ideas where to look?

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Usually the fault codes are P1383 and P1388 for both VVT units over retard. The first repair would be to reprogram the PCM then change the engine oil and filter with a thicker oil (10 W 30). Since you have P1386 and P1388 they are both for bank 2 VVT (driver side). This is caused by either a faulty VVT carrier unit or low oil pressure from a worn engine. The oil pressure needs to be checked with a gage and the pressure read when hot.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks. The jag dealer already re-flashed the PCM (I think that's the same as re-programming). Codes P1386 and P1388 came back. I cancelled the codes last night and now, after driving for 45 minutes, I have DTC P1386 in pending status. P1388 is not back yet. Next steps will be to test the bank 2 VVT and/or replace it. With just 85K miles on engine and it runs great I'm assuming it's not engine wear but I will check oil pressure to be sure.


The fact that just the P1386 is pending, does that provide a clue? Should I drive more and see if it clears on its own after recycling?

It sounds like the internal spring on the VVT is faulty. I would drive it to see if the engine light comes on and which codes are flagged. The next step would be to check oil pressure.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I found a part number AJ810570 for the V V T Solenoid. Does that sound right?


Is this part difficult to install in Bank 2 (driver side). I found something that looks like it could be the part. It's sitting just in front of the #4 spark plug. Does that sound right?


My mechanic told me the part no. is XR816241 (need to pull part of engine apart to install. I think mechanic is wrong. Research tells me his part no. is the Sprocket-Camshaft.


What say you?

The part number for the solenoid is XR816235 which is under the driver side valve cover which needs to be removed. Usually this code is not caused by the solenoid. The VVT unit itself is serviced with the cam sprocket and that part number is XXXXX for VIN before L75999 and XR816241 after that VIN. If the sprocket is replaced the chains need to be removed so this is an involved repair.