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1996 XJ6: 216,000 miles..headlight modethe blinkers..tail..backing

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I have a 1996 XJ6 (which I just love - it has 216,000 miles and is still going strong)!
A strange thing just happened with the lights.
Here are the multiple symptoms:
The dash switch does nothing in 'dusk' mode
The dash switch works fine in headlight mode
The blinkers all work fine except the tail blinkers flash the white reverse lights
The reverse lights (when backing up) light the brake lights

This all happened just overnight and simaltaneously...
What can it be???


Hello and welcome to


This problem is usually caused by a faulty lamp control module. There are internal relays and diodes that short out causing this. The module is located next to the trunk fuse box so check all those connectors to make sure they are tight and there are no signs of water leaking into them. We should first check all the fuses to the module and the body processor module. A blown fuse can also cause this as the module will draw power from another source. The fuses you need to check are #5 (10 amp) in the trunk, #5 (5 amp) in the left hand engine bay, #18 (5 amp) in the right hand engine bay, #6, #13, #14 all 10 amp in the right hand heelboard and #1, #8 and #17 all 10 amp in the left hand heelboard fuse box.

Richard and other Jaguar Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Richard

You are good! We are half way there... Very ironic, the very last fuse you suggested to check was bad - left handed heelboard #17. Once replaced, the reverse lights work!

Back to the other problems - mainly that the day/dusk lights do not come on (the switch does seem to work however as the dash lights do come on). Any thoughts?

Also, with regards XXXXX XXXXX rear blinkers - should they be the white bulbs flashing? or the red?

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX release your payment.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Richard

Are you there???

I sent the payment but haven't heard back from you!

Please follow up.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. When you are referring to the day/dusk lights is this the auto lights? For the rear turn signals they should be an amber bulb on the top outer or the taillight. The amber may have worn off and they may look white.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Richard

There are no 'auto' lights in this car. On the left side of the dash is a single lever that pulls down.

Position #1 lights (or should) all the lights but not the headlights - including the interior dash and so forth. The dash/interior is coming on, but no exterior lights (lets call them 'running lights'. In the full on #2 position everything works fine. Any thoughts???


For the rear turn signals, the top outer bulbs do light (which is also the reverse light) it looks white, I guess this is normal then.


Ok so you have no park, marker and tail lights. or license plate lights. If this is the case double check those fuses and then we will need to see if we have power to all the bulb connectors as that lamp control module is most likely the cause.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Richard.

OK, so all fuses are double checked and working. ALL the lights work fine in the 'headlight on' position so the bulb connectors would have to be fine, right?

What doesn't work is the 'Day light' postion (however the dash dash and interior do come on, just nothing exterior - except the fog lights if they are activated). Would this be the lamp control module then?



When you turn the switch to the first position the marker, tails and park lights should come on. Let me know if any are working in that first position.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Negative, they do not - only the dash lights come on...
Even though the dash lights are working it still may be the switch as there are diodes for the different legs of the switch. There is a different wire that feeds the body module for the exterior lighting and the interior lighting. We can check this with a meter. Since the lights do work in headlight mode than most likely the module is not the problem but the circuit will need to be tested.