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1997 xj6: ran to the place it is parked..batt..wont turn

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my 1997 xj6 jag will not start,it ran to the place it is parked. It sat a few months, when we tried to start batt. was dead charged and still wont turn over, will turn with a remote starter but will not fire with key in run position. when i turn key i get 10 beeps and a err message. I checked all fusses,they are all ok. I checked the inertia it was not tripped.     I heard it could be something with the security system, and door lock relay???   The doors will not lock or unlock when the door lock botton is pushed on the panel , im not sure if my remote works the green and red light comes on but nothing happens.
hi there

looks like its immobilised itself. or the module has shut down corrupt.

if you go into the trunk - you will see the fuse box just behind the battery. underneath this is the security locking control module. first disconnect the battery. now disconnect the control module. leave for 5 mins.
now reconnect the module.
reconnect the battery.
try your remotes to lock and unlock the car.
if they still fail - insert the key into the ignition and switch the ignition on, then attempt tp crank.
hopefully it should crank and fire up.
this may fix it permanent, but you may find that it will fail again. - if this is the case or the vehicle fails to crank or fire up after you have done as i advised above - i would replace the module.

to further confirm this theory i would advise getting the vehicle scanned by a jaguar dealer. - just ask them to read the codes only. - i realise the vehicle is stuck where it is, but you have 2 choices - get it recovered to the dealer or request the dealer to take the diagnostic unit to the car - as it is portable. they may even be able to unlock the module using the IDS diagnostic unit. and reprogramme your keys etc.

when you try to locate a replacement module - its important to note the last 3 numbers of the module number - eg 002, or 001 etc. this has to be the same as the one u have on your car.

hope this helps

kind regards
Jagmanuk and 2 other Jaguar Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your info ,however after 2 tries no change. I do believe it to be something with this sucurity seystem. I seen a pc scan tool online would I be able to reset the sucurity module and reprogram the keys with this . The ebay item # XXXXX XXXXX if you would take a look. I also noticed I could not take car out of park. If at all possible I would like to get this running myself ,for the closest jag dealer is 80-100 mile

Thank you so much for your help DON

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hi again

ok - none of those off ebay will work im afraid. OBD and OBDII only applies to engine management. they will not read or code security. you would need the JAGUAR IDS for that..

im just looking through some wiring diagrams. i will try and get a test plan for you to check few things. will take me a while - so bare with me. also - im curious - did you jump start this vehicle with a set of jump leads with the key in the ignition or change the battery with the key in the ignition. - this can cause voltage spikes and blows certain ecu's in some instances.

will get back in a mo


i read your original info again. and you state that you cant get the alarm to stop going off even with the key in the ignition. - this means that the Body Processor Module is not seeing the signal from the IGnition KEY IN SWITCH which is fitted integral to the barrel.

on top of this u now state that you cannot get the vehicle out of park.

SO - here is how it should work -

Key in to the ignition key barrel.
Sends signal key in to Body Processor module
Body processor module sends message to Security Locking Module that key is in and correctly coded to car - thus allows to crank.
Body processor module also releases the Shift lock solenoid to release lever from park - when ignition is on and brake pedal pressed.

There is a 5 amp fuse in the right hand heel board under the rear seats, - fuse number 2. this powers the Key in switch signal and the gear shift lock.
check that is ok. and ensure it gets permanent battery voltage.

now go to the trunk / boot and look for fuse number 5 - this is a 10 amp which powers the body processor module - ensure condition is ok - and perm battery voltage again.

finally check fuse 4 in trunk too - 10 amp again which powers the security locking module.

see how you get on with that. - if they are all intact and have feed - you have serious issues - one of these modules may have been spiked during a battery change over. - possibly the security module or the body processor module.

a fault code read by a dealer will find which one it has lost communications with.

kind regards

Jagmanuk and 2 other Jaguar Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks again I will try this soon, and let you know how it went. Wanted to clear that I did not have any trouble with alarm not shutting off. I don't believe we had a jump cables on this ,however we did use charger and i had the battery checked out, it would not charge properly ,and i replaced.


ok - so the alarm can be shut off with the key in the ignition.

but will not crank. - add this check on top too. -

Engine bay fuse box - L/H side ( as viewed from sitting in the car ) - check fuse 3 - a 25amp fuse. condition - and permanent battery voltage to this fuse.

kind regards