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2000 Jaguar S-Type: The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is..stays..quart

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I have 2000 Jaguar S-Type. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is on/off and sometimes it just stays on. The dealer said that my car was low in oil but I just put a quart of oil. Will this affect my engine?   Customer, Danville CA

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Do you remeber what the fault code was? How does the engine run?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know the fault code. My Service Advisor from the dealer did not mentioned anything to me. He just said "low in oil". I did put a quart of W5-30 oil and it still the light is on and sometimes it flickers.
Does the engine have a miss? The oil was only low 1 quart?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



WIthout the fault codes it will be hard for me to say what the problem is. I do not think that the low oil level caused the light to come on unless there where VVT codes like P1383 and/or P1388. The VVT work on oil pressure so if the level is low it will effect VVT operation. Since the light blinks and you have an engine missfire you either have a bad coil or coils or a vacuum leak from a collapsed upper and/or lower reather elbow. What you can do is start the engin eand let it idle while listening for a hissing sound at the rear center of the engine. You will see a rubber elbow. Make sure it's not leaking. If it's ok and you still hear the hissing noise then you have a leak at the lower breather. To repair this the upper and lower intake will need to be removed. If no noise is heard pop off the coil cover on the driver side cam cover and you will see the three coils. While the engine is missfiring unplug the coil to see if the engin eruns worse. If it does then that cylinder is ok. If there is no change then you most likley have a bad coil. Remove the 7mm bolts holding the coils to make sure that they do not have oil on the bottom of them. Since the other three coils are underneath the intake you can't really run a test for them.

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