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My son(32) died tragically unmarried but had 2 daughters

Customer Question

My son(32) died tragically unmarried but had 2 daughters with his partner, this means my ex wife and I were the executors of his estate including his house, cash and insurance to the value of e254k
When the estate was being settled and the children were listed as the next of kin and beneficiaries neither my ex wife or I had any difficulties although I did want a three way divide of the total estate. During the settlement my sons partner applied to have herself named as his wife as my son and her had two children together and would have put her ahead of the children in respect of entitlements. If this was to happen I demanded that the children get e30k each, this was reluctantly agreed to by the children,s solicitor(appointed by the partner,s mother???) the partners solicitor and my ex wife.
Now what I need to know is how do I find out if the e30k was given to my grand children and invested for them until they reach 18yrs.
As you can see I was more or less on my own in trying to get what was the children,s inheritance and I don't want to contact the solicitor, is there any way that I can find out the distribution of my sons estate without consulting the solicitor
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 11 months ago.

1. Dear *****, as executor, you have the right to the information as to how the estate was distributed. There are only three people who will have this information. Yourself, as exeuctor and the other executor, your ex wife and the solicitor who is acting for you in the estate. So, you either get this information from your ex wife if she has it, or else you get it from the solicitor. However, apart from these people, there won't be any other person who is entitled to the information. So, whilst you might not want to ask the solicitor, you need to get the information from someone who has it. So, I would suggest you formally write to your ex wife or to the solicitor and request the information.

Expert:  Buachaill replied 11 months ago.

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