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Buachaill, Lawyer
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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Can Buachaill answer my question re the outcome of the stage

Customer Question

Hi can Buachaill answer my question re the outcome of the stage 3 hearing. It said in the letter that it was a final warning re emails and that a further email breach would end up in me getting the sack. Long before this meeting I submitted an extensive
FOI request to find out what had been written about me since the disciplinary matter concerned emails which the college got as a result of an FOI request about me - surely I was entitled to read this and use it to help my defense the college insisted I go
to the meeting on Tuesday and told me they had the FOI stuff the following day. So not only did not supply me with the FOI material which was delayed they refused to postpone the outcome of the meeting until all the outstanding complaints of plagiarism have
been investigated and until the dreadful bullying and intimidation which took place during entire complaints process ( into alleged plagiaarism) was concluded and then they also refused to offer any explanation as to why my disclosure was not protected they
then went full steam ahead to discipline me with a final warning. The process could not have been more unfair. What would you advise about how to deal with college email- should I stay away from it completely and what would your advice me to do now as to what
points should be made or raised in the appeal and likely subsequent judicial review? Also the college spent months investigating a malicioous and vexatious complaint againste me but they refused during the year to investigate two formal bullying investigations
that I tried to invoke in the last two years without giving any proper reasons and giving me no chance to present my evidence or my side of the story. One of these complaints were made following the receit of a letter from the private secretary of a certain
minister advising me of my entitlement to an independent and third party investigation of the matters raised. This was the same person - the one who had refused to invoke the two bullying cases who made the determination at stage 3 against me. Any advice on
how to proceed?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 1 year ago.

1. The first point is that you should carry on as usual and not do anything other than what you usually would. Leave the issues around disciplinary issues to be dealt with in due course. Be sure to make every effort to do a good job and keep doing what is required of you. Ultimately, nothing more might happen in relation to this matters, so you shouldn't let it cloud your mind or your outlook in the meantime.

2. The second thing I would suggest is that you consider getting a solicitor to help you fight your corner. Get a good employment law solicitor who is experienced in fighting decisions. At this stage you need someone in your corner to help you out. However, It is important that they have experience in employment law disputes. Additionally, in future if you want bullying complaints investigated, it would be helpful if you sent them in with a solicitor's letter accompanying them. This means they won't be ignored as has happened before.