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Theremyself & my wife have separated after 8 years,I'm

Customer Question

hi there
myself & my wife have separated after 8 years,I'm living in a caravan,she & the kids are living at home,stepson 14 & my daughter 5,i work overseas ,self-employed ,no set annual set wage no work for 4 months 70-90k last 3 years going to be less this year dew to oil prices if anything
house 100000k 35k on mortgage
she's working 40k plus pension
I've no pension
both got savings of 10k each
i mind the kids after school 5 days a week for 4hours & take them everywhere i.e. swimming lessons,gymnastics,dentist ,doctors
at my cost
at the moment its all costing me a month 1416euro without my living expenses
roughly how much maintance will i have to pay
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 2 years ago.
1. Hi, the usual rule for the calculation of maintenace is that a man is liable to pay 20% of his net after tax income in maintenance where there are two children. Obviously, where your income varies, then the amount of maintenance owing will vary according to your income. The annual income for the last 3 years is approximately 80k. I assume this is gross. However, it will be the after tax income which will determine the issue. If for example, this was 60k, then you would be liable to pay 1,000 euro per month in maintenance. to be paying 1416 euro in maintenance, you would have to be earning approximately 85k after tax. Be aware that your living expenses are not included. It is purely the monies you pay your wife. Be aware that this is purely in relation to the upkeep and care of the children. There will be an additional element in relation to the mortgage as you will be expected to provide towards a place to live for your children. However, at most this would be half the mortgage payment per month.