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I have been verbally promised a share in my parents property.

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I have been verbally promised a share in my parents property. The property is on the market now but they wont give me anything in writing to confirm their verbal agreement. They said they will keep their word, any advice please would be appreciated. I have contributed towards the upkeep of this property for a number of years. Thank you

Buachaill :

1. At the outset, no agreement in relation to property is binding unless it is in writing and thereby is in accordance with the Statute of Frauds, 1695. Accordingly, whilst you can recover your expenditure on the property as a debt, you do not have any share in the property merely because your parents have said so. Accordingly, you are relying upon your parents to honour their verbal promise to you as it is not binding in law. So, the botXXXXX XXXXXne is that it would be foolish to sue upon a promise which is not legally binding, as then you certainly will get nothing. However, there is nothing to prevent your parents' reneging on their promise to you.

Buachaill :

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Customer: If they reneg on their promise can i take proceedings for the monies that i used and gave towards the up keep of their home, i have receipts and loans papers to prove what the money was used towards. I do hope it will not come to this but i invested in good faith and am now very anxious as they have refused to sign my legal request to pay an agreed sum when the property is sold. I am being told we are people of our word, whatever that is now. Thank you
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