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cmcsolicitor, Solicitor
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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Can a Manx resident (Isle of Man) emigrate and work in the

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Can a Manx resident (Isle of Man) emigrate and work in the Republic of Ireland without a work permit (Common travel Area?)

cmcsolicitor :

Do you have a UK passport? I understand that, although the Isle of Man is not part of the UK or a member of the EU, its citizens are entitled to UK citizenship. If you claim your UK citizenship and get your UKI/EU passport, then the doors to Europe are certainly open to you.

cmcsolicitor :

Sorry that was meant to read UK/ EU passport


I have a British Islands passport that states


cmcsolicitor :

I understand that, on foot of the British Nationality Act of 1981 as amended by the British Overseas territories Act of 2002, citizens of the Isle of Man are entitled to become UK citizens.


Certainly, if you apply for and are granted UK citizenship and associated passport, then, as an EU citizen, you will be entitled to benefit from the EU treaty as to freedom of movement in the EU etc.


cmcsolicitor :

PS: If you encounter any difficulty in applying for your UK citizenship, and if you wish to consult a lawyer about that through this site, you should list that as a question for a UK lawyer (rather than under Republic of Ireland Law, which is how this question is listed).

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Thanks for rating my answer positively. I hope the passport application goes smoothly for you.

Claire McCarthy